March 21, 2013

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  • Berra, Yogi What he actually said was, “Half of baseball is 90 percent mental.” He also said, “Nobody goes to that restaurant because it’s always so crowded.”
  • Cat Pee At a tasting I once attended, this term was used to describe the bouquet of a Sauvignon Blanc. I passed and went on to the next wine.
  • Clabbered Southern term that is actually in the dictionary and refers to milk that has spoiled to the point that the liquids and solids are separating.  
  • Easter Saint-Emilion and rack-of-lamb.
  • Fees As a young man, I developed a more-winning-than-losing poker game. For many years I was also paid, sometimes well, for playing music. Now The Pulse pays me to imbibe alcohol. If in the future I can find a self-serving connection between money and romance, I will have totally conquered recreation as we know it.
  • Jackson, Samuel L. Great tough-guy actor who recently, inexplicably, made a TV commercial puttering around the kitchen wearing white-dude clothes and asking his smart phone how to make gazpacho. 
  • Navel Nature’s wine goblet (see Song of Solomon Chapter 7, verse 2). Anticipating your next question, the answer is “un-chilled.”
  • Pinotage You might want to cross yourself before tasting this South African blend of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. This red grape’s flavor profile includes bananas, spray paint and burnt tires. Although I am personally a fan of both Laffy Taffy and magic markers, burnt tires are hard to love.  
  • Wine appreciation Where people stand around in a circle swirling their wine in their glasses and say. “Wow.”


March 21, 2013

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