November 14, 2013

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Have you ever wanted to eat delicious food while at the same time enjoying an endless selection of video games? Or have you ever craved wings with a heaping side of pool? If so—then Famgablam is the place for you.

“Family”-plus-“Georgia”-plus-“a burst of excitement” is what inspired the name, and each of these are integral parts of what makes Famgablam a fun place to get together. Located in Dalton, Famgablam is a restaurant, game room, and event space that’s ideal for whatever gathering you have in mind. 

Want a taste of true family cooking? Famgablam offers Chicago deep-dish pizza, hamburgers, chicken wings and many more options, all made to feed the whole family. The chicken wings are not just the typical “baby” wings you get at most sports bars; these are Chicago-style full chicken wings and big enough to be on Fred Flintstone’s plate. In the mood for something even meatier? Try the Famous Famburger, made with 100 percent hand-ground beef. When you taste this burger, you’ll know it’s full of flavor, and incomparably delicious. 

“Everyone that comes here knows us all by name, and we treat everyone that comes like they’re family visiting from out of town,” say the good folks at Famgablam. They offer a fun, safe, and kid-friendly environment that just begs you to load up the car with the kids and head to Dalton. With nothing on the menu costing more than five dollars,  why not grab the neighbor’s kids, too?

Check out Famgablam at 407 Sheridan Ave, Dalton, GA. Call (706) 529-4698 for more information or visit

November 14, 2013

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