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Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips From The American Red Cross

While the coronavirus may have changed many Thanksgiving gatherings, the need to protect homes from cooking fires continues. Typically, Thanksgiving is one of the peak days for cooking fires, which is ...

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During the pandemic, we’ve all been getting our noms on…I mean, maybe a little too much? (I’m donating pants now that I can no longer button.) But this may be a case of “count your blessings,” because ... Read more

Food News & Notes

When the pandemic hit initially and people started to stockpile, grocery stores began to regulate the amount one could purchase of essentials like bread, milk and eggs. It did not even occur to some to visit a farmers market to acquire all that ... Read more

Food News & Notes

The Hamilton County Health Department would like to insure that both local restaurants and consumers have the information they need to navigate safely the reopening of Hamilton County restaurants. Read more

Food News & Notes

Liz Ragan had just lost her job as a server when the Blackwolf Run restaurant in Kohler, Wisconsin abruptly closed due to the Coronavirus threat. A single mother with mounting bills, Liz was ... Read more

Food News & Notes

We all need something fun to do online in these crazy quarantine times, right?! The Mad Priest, and all-day cafe & bar in downtown Chattanooga, is bringing Chattanooga’s top bartenders together in a virtual ... Read more

Food News & Notes

In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the city of Chattanooga recently ordered the closure of all restaurant dining areas. While this is an absolutely critical public health measure, it has had a disastrous effect on many of our ... Read more

Food News & Notes

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