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Unraveling The Secrets Of Tennessee Whiskey

More than a century has passed since the last scientific analyses of the famed “Lincoln County process" was published, but the secrets of the famous Tennessee whiskey flavor are starting to unravel at the University of Tennessee Institute of ...

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As the local brewing industry continues to expand in Tennessee, University of Tennessee Extension has produced a new resource to assist farmers and landowners who are considering growing hops. The publication includes more than 30 pages and was ... Read more


Every year, it seems like there’s a new food fad that the public goes absolutely insane for. We’ve seen everything from bacon to kale to blueberries skyrocket in popularity, seemingly with no explanation. So for whatever reason, the past year ... Read more


With the cold winter months upon us, our tastes change a bit. Especially when it comes to beer. Gone are the hot summer days when we like refreshingly light, fruity beers that cool us down. And now that we’re though the holidays, all those ... Read more


The Long Island Iced Tea is a drink with a controversial history. It has two competing origin stories, tracing it back in one case to the Long Island we all think of, in New York, and another to right here near home. The second Long Island is in ... Read more


Ever since I turned 21 (and not a minute beforehand, honest, officer), I’ve been a big fan of bars. High-end bars, dive bars, hotel bars, cocktail lounges, tiki bars, restaurant bars, nightclub bars, and even (when pressed) a fern bar. I judge my ... Read more

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This biting winter weather calls for strong drink. Porters and stouts are a good choice if they’re on tap, but if you really want to put fire in the belly, go for the strong stuff. The clear spirits, though, aren’t always quite right. And while a ... Read more


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