Sushi & Biscuits

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Ever Wanted To Try “Corn Smut”?

We all need a little more smut in our lives. Dark as night and musky as wet earth, the allure of fresh smut is the allure of a forbidden fruit. The first time I saw smut I was naturally curious. My body was instinctively drawn in for just a taste ...



It’s a bright and sunny Sunday morning. The birds are chirping and the grass is gently swaying in the warm, summer breeze. But you aren’t aware of anything beyond the comforting darkness and calming silence of your bedroom. more

Sushi & Biscuits

I was barely out the door of my favorite Southside carniceria when I heard a woman’s voice behind me quietly pose that magical question: “Would you like to buy some tamales?” I turned and a small, grandmotherly looking Latin woman, still wearing ... more

Sushi & Biscuits

Jackfruit doesn’t taste like pulled pork. It just doesn’t. And anyone who tries to tell you that it does is not your friend and the truth is not in ‘em. To be fair though, if you put enough barbeque sauce on it, jackfruit might remind you of a ... more

Sushi & Biscuits

Every evening, as the sun begins to set on Northern Thailand, street food vendors emerge and take their places along the road. Makeshift grills send plumes of smoke heavenward, summoning the cool night with a modern liturgy of fire, meat, lime ... more

Sushi & Biscuits

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