Beyond buffets

There is so much more to Chattanooga than buffets, westernized Asian food, troughs of processed starches and genetically modified veggies wilting beneath a sneeze guard. more »

Nov 10, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Dropping Knowledge Like Hot Biscuits

From their origins in African and Caribbean foods to the vegan soul food of Oakland, CA, Soul Food Historian Adrian Miller lead us through the progression of soul food from slave food to fine dining. more »

Nov 17, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits (1 Comments)

Local Fare Headlines

News of this, that and other morsels. more »

Nov 17, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Balut To You Too

If you have never heard of balut, it is a half-formed duckling still in the shell, incubated for about 18 days before it is boiled—similar to a hard-boiled duck egg. Keep reading... more »

Nov 23, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

South of the Border

Although carniceria literally means “butcher shop” in Spanish, most of the carnicerias in Chattanooga look like a small market when you first step through the door. more »

Dec 1, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

How To Be Fully Fished

Some places to get good fish and tips for enjoying good fish in a landlocked city. more »

Dec 8, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Chili World Dominance

This year’s Championship was a testimony to the creative turns chili can take. There was chili with turkey and pumpkin, duck meat, venison, white chili, and vegetarian chili among others. more »

Dec 15, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Burger Master, Master The Burger

The classic Hamburger can save you from Holiday fare doldrums. Here's how... more »

Dec 22, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Top 10 Local Food Finds in 2011

Off the menu, off the path and on your way to better eats. more »

Dec 29, 2011 by in Sushi & Biscuits (1 Comments)

Currying Favor

Say it with me now: “Curry leaves are not related to curry powder.” Once more. “Curry leaves are not related to curry powder.” more »

Jan 5, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Hot Pot of Desire

“We have hot pot.” The words floated from her lips like wisps of air off a Swallow’s wing. My mind momentarily soared into a hypnotic, almost dreamlike state of ecstasy interrupted only by my desire to respond. more »

Jan 19, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Local ‘Nighthawks’ Revel in Roy’s Grill

A diner is no place for a flame-print bowling shirt. A diner is a place for Nighthawks and a leather jacket, for Uma Thurman and Link Wray’s “Rumble” playing in the background. more »

Jan 26, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits (4 Comments)

Pork Porn: Tales of Forbidden Love

I am taking this Valentine’s Day to tell a brief love story; a love forbidden in some cultures and simply frowned upon by those who eschew their base predilections. It’s the story of man and his undying love for that most precious of meats—pork. more »

Feb 9, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Mayberry, Middle East District

When you travel around the country, or even just the rural areas around Chattanooga, it’s easy to think the tradition of the small country store is disappearing. more »

Feb 16, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits (1 Comments)

The Real Thing

At the same time, both Coke and Pepsi soft drink engineers had another monumental change in the works. On Nov. 6, 1984, the two companies announced they were no longer using sugar in their drinks and were instead replacing it with HFCS. more »

Apr 5, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Single? Get Small

A trip to the grocery store makes it seem like every customer is either shopping for a family of four or eating like Val Kilmer after he saw the reviews for “Island of Dr Moreau.” more »

Apr 12, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

The Ambiguity of Authenticity

Authentic cuisine. That phrase gets thrown around as carelessly as “world famous,” “award winning,” and “I’ve never done this before,” but what does it really mean? What makes a dish authentic? more »

Apr 26, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits (1 Comments)

In Search of the Legendary Sauceburger

If you remember the legend that was The Burger House in East Ridge, the Sauceburger is synonymous with a beautifully simple, but simply delicious hamburger in a plain white wrapper. more »

May 17, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits (5 Comments)

On Memorial Day, Become a Grilling Hero

Magazines, food TV and the Internet have been over complicating the process of cooking meat over hot coals for decades, so put down your pens and food journals for a minute and strip this process down to its tasty, tasty basics. more »

May 24, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

In Praise of Chattanooga and Purple Corn

Ferran Adrià, the father of molecular gastronomy, calls Peruvian cuisine “the future of gastronomy”... more »

May 31, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Chicken Livers: Like Sex, The Worst is Good

Our column Sushi & Biscuits dives into the deep end of a delicacy you can get at locations as casual as a convenience store, to upscale establishments and everywhere in between. more »

Jun 21, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

Philosopher King of Sandwiches

Warren Zevon famously said, “Enjoy every sandwich,” when faced with the impending certainty of his own death. more »

Jul 5, 2012 by in Sushi & Biscuits

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