May 17, 2012

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The problem is that no one can ever reproduce the sauceburger exactly as it was at the Burger House. It’s like trying to make the cornbread like your granny used to make. Even if you use the same brand of buttermilk and the same cast-iron skillet, it never seems to be as good as you remember—there’s always something that is missing.  

After all of the interviews and the sackfuls of sauceburger reproductions I’ve eaten over the past couple of weeks, I’m still ultimately dissatisfied and disappointed. Trying to recapture those tastes from the past is like trying to recapture a past love or a past success—futile and frustrating. The memories I have of The Burger House are not just memories of that taste, they are memories of being young and full of wonder, holding my parents’ hands while we ordered—it’s was the joy of doing something that was special to us. Removed from that context it’s just a burger with sloppy joe sauce. But to me and the thousands who grew up making The Burger House a regular part of our lives, it will always be something more. It will always be the sauce, the myth, the legend—the Sauceburger.

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May 17, 2012

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Burger House

I know what you mean about how memories of the Burger House are about being young and full of wonder. This was where my Grandaddy and I often ate lunches and suppers on hot summer afternoons. The burger is all tied up in those memories of childhood and summertime. Riding a bicycle around their neighborhood, tossing a softball or baseball back and forth with Grandaddy, and trying to keep the sauce off my clothes. You can never recapture your first taste of love, but I would still like to have another Sauceburger, and eat it in memory of my Grandaddy.

William K. 296 days ago

Sauce Burgers

My son in Nashville just sent this to me. I will be at Sky Zoo tomorrow!
I, like so many others, have fond memories of Sauce Burgers.

Karen Chelton more than 1 years ago

Sauce Burger

Would love a sauce burger right now but afraid I can't go to the Sky Zoo to get one. There are lots of closed resturants in East Ridge to open up a Burger House. What about the old Kentucky Fried Chicken place?

Katy Howe more than 1 years ago


Just a FYI but in the tri-cities area there is a restaurant called Pal's that still makes a mean sauceburger. Kinda far away but if you are ever in the area, it's well worth it.

Jerry Perry more than 1 years ago

sauce burgers

There was nothing better than to walk over to the Burger House from the pool and have lunch. We did it all summer long. Loved those burgers.

karen massengale more than 1 years ago

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