November 14, 2013

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The Terminal Brewhouse has become a landmark for beer lovers in Chattanooga. Brewmaster Steve Purdie keeps four of their amazing beers on tap year round, with rotating session beers taking a fifth spot and a sixth filled by seasonal offerings.

The Brewhouse beers may be humorously named—Terminally Ale Copper Ale, Rock Out With Your Bock Out Maibock—but they’re no joke. These are some of the highest caliber brews made in the region.

Foodies have reason to be enthralled with The Terminal, too. If they offered nothing but their appetizer menu, that would still be true. Feta-Basil-Pine Nut-Olive Oil Spread on local artisanal bread? Pizza Egg Rolls? Maple-Chipotle Pot Roast and Queso Nachos? Yes, yes and yes, please.

For sandwiches, options range from The Macho Man, cajun chicken with hot sausage and pepper jack, to the It’s Always Sunny In Philly. (And don’t worry, even more care goes into making the food than coming up with the awesome names.)

Their Philosopher’s Burger is a Greek-inspired wonder—ground lamb, seasoned with cinnamon, oregano, shallots and sea-salt-meets-feta aioli and candied red onions. Must we continue?

Yes. Pizzas, steak, short ribs, salmon cakes…OK, OK, you get the point.

Just pay them a visit already.

November 14, 2013

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