September 20, 2012

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Georgia Winery, Georgia’s first farm winery located in Ringgold, has been awarded bronze, silver and gold medals in the “French-American Rosé” and “Naturally Flavored” categories during the recent Indy International Wine Competition, held in West Lafayette, Ind., billed as the largest “scientifically organized and independent wine competition in the United States.”

Winos and writers flocked to the town to sample some 3,000 entries from wineries worldwide, and those awarded are highly regarded by wine consumers, a news release claimed. Judging is based on appearance, taste and aftertaste.

Georgia Winery’s Lemon Drop brought home a bronze medal in the “Naturally Flavored” category, while Southern Sangria earned the silver. But the winery’s new star is the Chattanooga Blush, which now proudly sports gold in the “French-American Rosé” category.

On the heels of the competition, and flush from bringing home its medals, the winery announced its latest brand, Rock City Red, in partnership with Rock City.

The sweet red wine, which is made up of the winery’s Tailgate Red, features a special Rock City label and red bottle and is offered at a tasting booth at the famed Chattanooga attraction as well as at Georgia Winery.

Plans are in the works for the winery to release a Rock City White and a Rock City Blush in 2013.

We’re all about branding the city’s tourist attractions and look forward to such wines as Confederama Red, White & Blue.

Meantime, if you happen to note some more-than-normally happy gnomes on the mountain, let’s just say we told you so.

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September 20, 2012

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