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Maybe not known by all, but LOVED by those who know his name!

JH has been one of my favorites since I heard Bring The Family 13 years ago. I remember that day in Concord, CA when I found nearly all of his early CDs, including Hanging Around the Observatory, which I loved! I lost all those CDs in Hurricane Katrina.. 😥 John Hiatt may not be known by all, but he is certainly loved and greatly appreciated by those who know his name!! Much Love John!

Dru Mitchell more than 9 years ago

john hiatt

Most of my friends and family have never even heard of Mr. Hiatt. I have been listening to him for only 25 years, but knew some of his songs before I knew of him. He continues to amaze me with his perception on human nature and unique way of turning a phrase. He is number one on my list of great American songwriters and no one can perform his songs quite like he can.

sherry hynes more than 9 years ago

The Bijou in Knoxville, TN Nov. 15, 2011

Its been said before. I will say it again. This is a show must not be missed. If he is anywhere near, go!

TWWest more than 9 years ago

Love me some john hiatt!

What a great article! John - I know and love you for what it's worth, but I was raised to appreciate great music.
Thanks for doing what you do for the right reasons!

Rachel Johnson Bowes more than 9 years ago

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