December 15, 2011

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Probing Homelessness’s Heart

 Thanks to The Pulse for a helpful and kind review of Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga’s “Have A Seat”. All of us in the cast and crew appreciate the perceptive critiques as well as the praise. We worked very hard on this piece and hope to see a larger audience as a consequence of the review.

Robbye Lewis


Two Turntables and a Microphone

 I’m sorry, but playing a turntable is not being a musician. If it’s not an instrument, then it’s not a performance. Sampling is the biggest letdown that ever came to music. It’s as bad as the Wii band or plastic instrument wannabes that play at home on their TV sets. Buy a real instrument, take lessons by a video, and I’ll be playing “Freebird” on my real guitar until you get your chops up.

Randy Newport



 I am the producer of Digital Butter, and I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, and any other thing I can get my hands on. And I sample old soul music because some of those sounds can only be had by sampling. People picking up guitars and singing at me is generally very boring unless you are really super talented, Ani DiFranco would be a great example of someone who humbles me with her songs. But sampling and electronic production is very difficult to get right, its taken me ten years of practice to get to where I am and I have a long way to go. If electronic music is not your taste, thats fine, but don't act like I don't make music with my hands, because I do, just like you. And so do people with turntables. You might think DJ'ing is easy, but try it, its not, it represents just as big a time and money commitment as becoming a really good blues guitarist. There is a reason we are called electronic "musicians." Like it or not, we are much more than button pushers.



Occupy Permanent Living?

 Now that the Occupy movement has run its course, isn’t it time for the “campers” to pack up and restore our courthouse to a respectable state?  Camping out for a few days in protest in one thing, but setting up what for all intents and purposes is a permanent residence is another.  I call upon the Sheriff to issue eviction proceedings against those that have made a mockery of what freedom of speech really means.

Andy Parnell


December 15, 2011

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