November 23, 2011

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Appreciation For Food

Wasn’t expecting something like that in my local foodie surfing [“Dropping Knowledge Like Hot Biscuits”]. And I don’t mean that in the elitist way it probably comes across. I was just looking for new places to try and things to do and suddenly had some knowledge dropped on me.  



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Appreciation For John Hiatt

Most of my friends and family have never even heard of Mr. Hiatt [“John Hiatt: The Road Goes On Forever”]. I have been listening to him for only 25 years, but knew some of his songs before I knew of him. He continues to amaze me with his perception on human nature and unique way of turning a phrase. He is number one on my list of great American songwriters and no one can perform his songs quite like he can.

Sherry Hynes


No Appreciation For Alex Teach

The Occupy Chattanooga movement would like to respectfully express our feeling of gross misrepresentation in Officer Teach’s columns. We in no way seek trouble or arrest as was stated in the recent column. In addition, the proposal to legalize marijuana was removed from our list of demands three weeks ago and while it was mentioned by Officer Teach several times over the course of one of his recent columns, is not an accurate representation of the desires of Occupy Chattanooga. We wish to remind the readers of The Pulse that Officer Teach’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Chattanooga Police Department, which we have had excellent and genial relations with. Our movement has been, and continues to be peaceful and respectful of everyone, including those who disagree with us.

Occupy Chattanooga Media Group


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November 23, 2011

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Escort Busts do not make me proud

Dear Editor,

Periodically as I peruse the goings-on of the Chattanooga Police Department, most often I am proud and feel for the stress and strain that the job requires and understand that the pay will never be adequate for putting themselves in harms way.

What I can never understand is the steady and obligatory big "busts' features of area escorts and prostitutes. While I can understand prostitution can be a public nuisance on the streets, it bothers me to hear of undercover and long-planned sting operations behind closed doors.

We have a growing reputation for gang activity, drugs and violent activity in the city of Chattanooga and some other cities are referring to Chatt-town as "violent", yet these select officers are excitedly taking turns booking appointments in private hotel rooms to meet, talk and sometimes sexually engage in a single girl's effort to make a living in a private room that know one knows about except the police.

All for what? A big headline? A big bust? It feels cowardly that they don't deliver the big gang busts that threaten our businesses and truly threaten our citizens and it feels as if CPD is just trying to get some brownie points to bully and scare a defenseless girl to prosecute a crime that is legal in half of the world. Details pour out of how the sting works and the cameras, microphones, set-ups and the joy and pride of putting handcuffs on this girl to haul off to jail I'm not proud of this while our real crime grows.

Can these guys please go after the big fish and stop taking pride in such nonsense?

Todd Webber
537 Fountain Ave
Chattanooga, TN

Todd Webber more than 1 years ago

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