Chattanooga To Breathe New Life Into Thousands Of Acres Of Blighted City-Owned Properties



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Community Gardens

I have observed a lot of city owned property in communities where abandoned properties have been torn down. Is it possible for some of this land to be used as community gardens to help neighbors grow their own vegetables to help them with the rising cost of food? Can it also be looked at again the ordinance concerning chickens in the city?

Sandra 97 days ago

Community gardens and chickens

I agree with Sandra. It would be wonderful to have community gardens. We also need to be able to have a few chickens for easy access to protein and bug control. Plus I would like to add that I feel strongly that the homeless may benefit from some of that under used land and the community gardens.

Elizabeth 93 days ago

not all vacant land is safe for growing but experts can help

The EPA Brownfield program has published fact sheets and other information for urban ag and garden advocates. More recently this includes the Know Before You Grow guide to help communities work with experts and seek safe sites. This and more found at:

Ann Carroll 75 days ago


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