Mayor Berke: Chattanoogans Coming Together In Crisis



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The poor eat the poor.

In 2017 on my first day at Patton Towers I walked over the EPB Christmas Holiday whatever you call it...and walked up to Andy Berke and thanked him for helping me secure a apartment if Casey Tinker had been their he would have also recieved the same.
Forty months later rinse and repeat as they say the poor have eaten the poor again I'm satting here at my mothers house in Lafayette,Georgia thinking if I could just go get my hiking gear everything might be o.k. but of course that can't happen because bureaucracy and ONE idiot decided to smoke in bed and that opened the door for the Fire Department to take out years and years of false alarms.I am runner not a hero and I have the upmost respect for the blue and black and who ever else in the political insane world we live in that rescues people.I just want my gear my spyder down jacket-my salomon trail runners-a few wool socks-patagonia wool sweater and i'm off to Georgia(blairsville) and the A.T.Never mind my daughters vhs tape of her birth or my grandmas 100 year old bible or the last present i bought my dad while touring in the military(john wayne bust from tinder box).I'm ready leave it all my purple bed the iphone my view of the ridge for 349.00 a month and of course all the homeless people i meet and see daily on 11th street camping.
I could never figure out the mind set of the homeless in Chattanooga if they only knew just right up the road is a trail that goes all way to Maine where you don't even have to know what day it is or what time it is you just walk and fill up a nalgene bottle the towns you pass through just want a story for a hot meal if that is your thing.
I woke up this morning and thought about alot of my used to be neighbors today is payday for most of them and I hate to say it but waking up in motel room after what happened Saturday is going to lead to a lot of bad bad decisions that will put them in a hole I doubt they will recover from I'm not perfect but the poor eat the poor.
Its kinda funny this happened like it did i guess April is the ideal month to start the A.T. I have priced REI a Big Agnes Tent with footprint $350-Osprey Talon 44 (blk) backpack w/cover $225-Leki poles(fiberglass) $145-Salomon trail runners $199(little known fact if you ever do hike the trail salomon is the best and they replace your shoes free of charge if you have a problem with them)-Big Agnes 15 degreee sleeping bag $250-pocket rocket and fuel $75-extra blue tarp and rope for drying clothes $30-waterproof food bag $40-wool long johns $100-I'm running out of characters and you get the idea.Your house on your back and everything you need for the low low of a stimulus check..maybe.
I hope Ellington Properties will keep my apartment secure cell phones don't work in most places on the trail and mail is a food box you pick up occasionaly in trail towns if your lucky.
Thank you again Mr Burke Chatt-town will miss you and please edit this if you do post it I played sports in high school.

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