Mayor Berke Extends Shelter-In-Place Order



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How do you monitor home daycares? I know one still operating.

Rose 280 days ago

Good looking out...

Thanks Mayor Berke....once again you are making the right decision. Common sense over religiosity.

K Lee 281 days ago

Auto Parts stores

Why are auto part stores considered essential if everyone is supposed to stay at home. Now it's a hangout where all the dumbasses go. 80% of the people coming in are ignorant and have poor personal hygiene, not covering their mouths, wiping runny nosea on their sleeves, trying to crowd you on the computer to look at the screen. And you can tell by the grease on their hands they're not washing or using hand sanitizer. Get some class people. Yeah, I'm talking to people near 3rd St. /Rossville Blvd./ Brainerd Rd. And the managers and corporate office would rather you get sick than offend someone and lose a sale. Make auto parts stores non essential and shut us down. PLEASE.

Richard Tadeski 282 days ago

Jewish Sader

So is the synagogue going to have online Sader meetings for members?

Anna Stevens 282 days ago

Seder in Chattanooga

I am a Christian, but am connected with the Chattanooga Jewish community, and I can tell you that they did exactly that. I believe Chabad of Chattanooga was providing “Seder in a Box” for their members to use at home, and members of Mizpah congregation joined each other on Zoom from their individual homes.

Beth Nichols 273 days ago

Chattanooga shelter in place.

I do hope the Mayor will enforce any infractions of the many churches that plan to hold in person services. Please protect us from their stupidity! Test, treat and isolate. Distance preserves our existence!!!!

Elizabeth Coulter 282 days ago

Mayor Berke

Please tell me why the car washes are still open??? This is definitely non-essential and I don't understand why they are still open!

Crystal Payne 282 days ago

1st Amendment rights

We have a right to assembly as guaranteed by the Constitution. Flip off Berke and your nanny state bullcrap!

Jordan Roach 282 days ago

What if you have a court order visitation with your child?

My fiancé’s ex wife is keeping his daughter from us due to this when either of us have it and he is the only one still going to work she plans to keep her from us the WHOLE time this goes on I don’t believe it’s right if we can keep her inside and safe as well why he should go god knows how long without seeing his daughter

Esther Taboada 283 days ago

Your right

I agree it isn't right and I am sure many parents are dealing with these decisions. Not sure what the remedy is, aside from letting her come in with a can of Lysol herself to give her peace of mind.😉

DS 282 days ago

children visiting divorced parents

Always the health of the child should be considered first. Yes you miss visitation, but knowing your child is safe, and not being exposed to this virus. Know your child is not going to get sick, should more than comfort a missing parent.

Laura 282 days ago

Child visitation

I’m sorry and I know it’s hard but I have to agree with the mother. She is looking out for the well-being of the child. Especially since the father is still working and around people. Do FaceTime with her. We are all having to sacrifice.

Connie 282 days ago

Visitation with shelter in place

If the child is high risk then the child should remain in the home they are predominantly at. If they are not high risk then an exchange won't be an issue. I think every case is different. Now, in case of a high risk child, parents should be able to FaceTime or Skype and have regular phone calls. If the other parent is allowing that and encouraging that it shows they are trying. Parents in a case like this need to keep the child(ren) as the focus. What is best for the child? If the child is high risk are you willing to take the chance of him/her becoming sick and being hospitalized or worse? I have a 5 year old who I love more than anything and haven't been able to see her in a few weeks. We made that choice because she has breathing issues and a low immune system. As hard as it is for me to not see her, we exchange pictures and video call all the time. I know we made the appropriate decision for her. I was upset at first but at the end of the day her safety is what ultimately matters to me. I would rather us exchange our pictures, have funny video calls and phone calls than to put her in any kind of risk. When this is over I will hold her and kiss her knowing I made the best decision for my child. Hope this help you. We have to remember our children are so vulnerable and I didn't want my selfish need for her to cause me to only have memories, if worse case scenario was to happen. If the child in question is at a high risk of becoming sicker easier, like mine, maybe think about if the tables were turned. It's easy to say what we would do until it happens. I do hate it y'all aren't seeing her right now but if she is a high risk child, I would be thanking the mother for keeping our child safe.
Also I would like to say my child was deemed high risk by her pediatrician. She recommended my child stay at home. I would check and see if your step-daughter has anything from her pediatrician as well. Wish y'all the best.

Sam Thompson 282 days ago

Court order visitation.

I'm going through the same thing. I'm curious about this as well.

Jenine 281 days ago

Court ordered visitation

This type of travel is allowed under the mayor's shelter in place order. It plainly states that travel is allowed for court or court orders as in a child custody order.

Jada 281 days ago

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