Mayor Berke: Your Voice And Your Vote



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Mayor Andy Berke

Mayor Berke will always have my vote. He’s a great humanitarian (whether he knows it or not) he cares about this city & the people in it. Great Job Mr. Berke!

Aliene Ferguson 275 days ago

Mayor Andy

I live outside the city limits of Chattanooga, but like many county residents take great interest in the city. What is so great about Andy? I don’t see how he has increased openness or accessibility at all. In fact a case could be made for the opposite.Say what you will about Corker’s disappointing record as senator, he was hailed by most everyone as a great mayor during his 4 year stint. While Andy isn’t as bad as Kinsey(give him time) yet, he certainly is no Corker, Gene Roberts, or Pat Rose . Why do we have to have lawyers in politics? And have you noticed? With some exceptions, the best lawyers don’t go into politics.

Wayland 274 days ago

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