Barking Legs Embraces Online Entertainment

As promised, Barking Legs is getting up and going with live events in cyberspace. There may be some technical challenges, but we hope you'll be part of our community of online artistry. There will be a mix of familiar faces with ...

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With school concerts cancelled and ensemble practices put on hold due to the coronavirus, the Department of Performing Arts Music Division is offering an opportunity for students to participate in a new kind of band from their own homes ... Read more


I’ve been writing about local music since 1999. It has been a very rare opportunity to combine a great love of writing with a great love of music and I have never taken for granted how lucky I am to have that opportunity. Whether my writing has ... Read more


Pierre Bensusan, you know him, or you don’t. If you know him, there’s nothing I can add to the wonder and respect you already feel for the man who is consistently referred to as one of the world’s greatest living guitarists. If this is your first ... Read more


“There is one thing I have learned about the scene here in Chattanooga over the last two decades; we look out for each other…” I’ve sat here contemplating those words for a bit now, and I have to say the fellow who said them really knew what he ... Read more


I have been writing about music on and off for well over two decades now; I’ve written several hundred articles just for The Pulse alone. There are more than a few common elements that run through that body of work but I suspect the most readily ... Read more


This week’s feature is an object lesson. Do what you need to do day by day, but never lose sight of the long game. I first met Chris Moree while writing a piece on Genki Genki Panic several years ago. GGP was a new band then, a horror/sci-fi/surf ... Read more


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