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Swords Will Be Drawn At The Signal

Next Friday The Signal will be hosting what promises to be one of the most spectacular entertainment “happenings” of 2019: the release party for Nick Lutsko’s new album, Swords. A release party is always going to be a festive affair (unless you’re...

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On October 9th, 1940, John Lennon was born. October 3rd, 1990, East and West Germany were reunited as the Federal Republic of Germany. October 26th, 2019, the Nim Nims will release their latest album, Bolshevik Roll Up, with a release party at ... Read more


Shaky’s Bad Knee is out of the studio and ready to release their debut album, Observations 1, next Friday, October 11th at JJ’s Bohemia. The album, ringing in at a modest seven songs, is the work of Jerett Offutt (vocals/guitar), Kevin Roberts ... Read more


After launching last fall with the release of Telemonster’s album Introspecter, Chattanooga’s Yellow Racket Records has maintained its creative momentum with two digital singles. First comes the lush strum-pop of “Half the Day” from El Rocko ... Read more


My process for reviewing an artist or album is simple enough. First, I let the album play once, twice, maybe three times and if there are any tunes I find especially striking, I go back and give those a few more listens. I do this before doing any... Read more


A little over six years ago I wrote my first piece for The Pulse. It wasn’t my first stint writing for a paper, but it was my first in so long that I adorably set out to arrange a convenient time to meet with the band leader at a local bar ... Read more


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