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Matt Movin Is Driven To Succeed

The last time we checked in on Matthew Long, he was performing as “Matt Solo”, garnering popular and critical acclaim with a series of underground mix tape releases, as well as the album Prodigy. Those efforts brought him to the attention of ...

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One of the most enjoyably frustrating parts of this job is finding words to describe music that doesn’t fit neatly into a recognizable genre. This has been an especially enjoyable morning, as Drew Gibson’s latest album, Shipbuilder, defies ... Read more


I’m getting old. I wear glasses to see things that are near, I wear different glasses to see things that are far, and if I don’t wear glasses, well, I don’t see so well at all. That’s my excuse, anyway. When the email came in about the upcoming ... Read more


Before I did any research on Left Lane Cruiser, I listened to their latest album, Shake and Bake. Because of this order of operations, when I finally did get to the band’s details, my first thought was, “No way.” The band that recorded (analog ... Read more

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The infamous photo of Glenn Danzig carrying a box of kitty litter and bags of groceries came to mind when this writer heard the band name Goth Dad, but while the name sounds like it could be a ridiculous Internet meme, band founder Ryan Sherrer ... Read more


Dom Mariani. The Western Australian Music Awards Hall of Famer has a career that would merit an entire book (or two). The Stems, The Go-Starts, The Someloves, and DM3 are just some of the credits to his name. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this ... Read more


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