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Distracted Dirty Streets

I am no fan of pop psychology. Live long enough and you will not only see the rise and fall of trends in that “field,” you will also begin to notice the resurgence and recycling of ideas that are either long since debunked or, at best, done to ...



There are plenty of things to love about my job. I love that I get to hear new music, constantly, whether it’s a brand new band no one has heard yet, or a long time favorite that sends me a few unreleased tracks. I love the limitless creativity ... more


Only one thing is certain about a performance from the Atlanta-based Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel: it will begin with the two musicians—Scott Burland on theremin, Frank Schultz on lap steel guitar—toasting each other with a generous swig of ... more


Paul Collins is famous, like, really famous. Well, he’s famous if you’re a fan of Indie Rock before anyone called it that, otherwise, maybe you haven’t heard of him. His career is long enough and storied enough that I could simply recount its ... more


Once, long ago, in the before-time, there was no internet. There was no social media, no digital downloads or streaming services. There were no DVDs, no VHS, there wasn’t even cable television. It was a dark time indeed for cheap entertainment ... more


Whether you heard it from an elder musician, read it in a book, or learned about it from (lord help me) Ralph Macchio, the legend of Robert Johnson selling his soul at the crossroads in exchange for his guitar playing skills is a resonant bit of ... more


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