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I am approaching my 26th year in Chattanooga and in that time there have been many fine music venues, but few have shown the kind of relentless commitment to raising the bar in the music scene the way Songbirds has. Their concert schedule this ...



Chattanooga Pride was last weekend and, as usual, it was a beautiful event, well-planned and well executed. There aren’t many local events that can rival it for sense of community and affirmation. It’s always a pleasure to see so many friends ... more

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At the height of their popularity, Little Feat had six members. Likewise, the Grateful Dead hovered at around six members for much of their career. Handsome Jack is a trio from Lockport, New York, and with half the members of either the ... more


Writer Neil Gaiman and Magnetic Fields front man Stephin Merritt once discussed the satirical 1959 song “The Masochism Tango” written and performed by Tom Lehrer, and they pointed out that although the masochism was the transgressive element when ... more


For months now, Ashley and the Xs guitarist Matt Shigekawa has been teasing me with the band’s upcoming album, The Black Cat Sings. It’s far from unusual for a performer to hype their new project, there are some folks in town who will try to sell ... more

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Years ago I read a Doonesbury comic strip in which one of the characters referred to an actual, real-life, folksy radio host as, “a national treasure.” It had never occurred to me to refer to a person that way, but the host’s mildly ... more


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