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Wisdom And Soul

I’d like to tell you I was a fan of Camper Van Beethoven in the eighties. I’d like to, but I can’t. I wasn’t remotely that cool. My musical tastes then were dictated entirely by what was in easy grasp, which wasn’t much considering the town I ...

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“When I really felt like punk was dead, then I realized it was a good time to be a part of it.” So reads the title page for the website of Don’t Break Down, the documentary that traced the rise and fall (and, perhaps, rebirth) of Jawbreaker Doc ... Read more


Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6th, 1945. He passed away on May 11 in 1981. In that short span of time he became an inadvertent cultural ambassador with few peers. To the world at large, he was the face of reggae music, of Jamaica, and ... Read more


The one-man band known as Ethan Terrestrial—the brainchild of Chattanooga musician Ethan Boyd—has an eclectic and diverse approach, ranging from psychedelic space rock to heavy riffage to playful, sparkling pop rock that sounds like it could come ... Read more


Holiday Gunfire is set to release their debut, self-titled album on Friday, February 15th. The Alabama-based band is fairly new, coming together in 2017, but it is anything but a freshman debut. To the contrary, the album has all the spit and ... Read more


I love checking the mailbox here at The Pulse. There’s always something interesting. Once there was even a piece of hate mail which I kept and have a look at any time I need a laugh. I was quite pleased, recently, to find a package from Noah ... Read more


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