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More than meets the radio ear

This is the best article that addresses the notion of radio hits defining a band that I have read. Well done, Marc. As a fan of Chicago since the beginning, it was album cuts like "Introduction", "Movin' In", "Now That You've Gone" and "To Be Free" that blew me away. And still do. And the same goes for other bands such as Cheap Trick and The Kinks. While singles expose a band to the masses, there is often much more to the story.

Michael P. more than 1 year ago

Chicago old and new

I'm a huge fan of early Chicago and found the later over-produced albums frustrating. Early Chicago was a groundbreaking jazz rock fusion band whose first four albums were double (or more) collections of innovative, sophisticated and often extended musical numbers, social commentary, brassy horn sections, and even a number of popular hits (Make Me Smile, Color My World, 25 or 6 to 4).

Chicago II showcases the band's talents and gives a glimpse of the remarkable music to come through the next dozen or so albums. Sadly the accidental death of guitarist Terry Kath was a tragedy the band never fully recovered from and the band's talents have since been wasted on less inspiring Top 40 music.

Chicago II stands as a testament to the full potential of the group, originally called the Chicago Transit Authority.

Paul Schratz more than 1 year ago

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