September 13, 2012

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The lead vocalist for Glass Hammer, the veteran Chattanooga-based prog-rock band, is doing double duty these days as the lead singer for rock legends Yes.

Jon Davison, who has recorded two albums with Glass Hammer, has replaced Benoit David as lead singer for Yes. David replaced original singer Jon Anderson, who left the band in 2008 after an illness.

Davison played bass for the Seattle-based band Sky Cries Mary, but also performed with the now-defunct San Diego-based Yes tribute band, Roundabout. Glass Hammer discovered Davison singing Yes music online and he joined the band in 2009, recording the albums If and Cor Cordium.

In February, Davison was announced as the new lead singer of Yes, replacing David, who left the group because of illness.

“Strangely enough, Jon’s name came up when we started working with Benoit,” Yes bassist Chris Squire said in UT San Diego article. “In fact, my friend, [Foo Fighters drummer] Taylor Hawkins [whom Davison had gone to high school with], had been telling me for years: ‘If you ever need a replacement [singer], I know exactly the guy.’”

As Squire noted, “It’s funny. We’ve gone from Anderson to David to Davison.”


September 13, 2012

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