November 7, 2013

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Murderous rampages (rampaging murderers?) notwithstanding the band eventually made their way to Chattanooga where they were (and are) well received at venues like JJ’s and The Honest Pint. Their success in the local music scene quickly gave them the opportunity to venture out a little further, making the rounds of Atlanta on a semi-regular basis.

Their first EP, The Liar’s Club, was finished in June of this year and is available for free at The five tracks are surprisingly lush for a trio and cover a range of subject matter from sex to unemployment (or “life” as some folks call it.) Every track is punchy and fast, full of hooks, riffs and a bass line that abides. 

When I asked the band what it was they most wanted to convey they had this to say:

“We want people to dance and scream our lyrics back at us. We want kids to jump on stage and grab the mic and sing the lyrics. We want everyone to go crazy.”

Too punk for pop, too pop for punk, it’s like the man said.  Gold Plated Gold is just good, honest rock and roll.  


November 7, 2013

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