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Stepping Back To The Present

What do you get when you take easy listening pop music and recreate it with classical instruments like the cello? You get Ben Van Winkle. Primarily a cellist but versatile on many instruments, this artist has an original, upbeat sound.



This Friday is the kick-off of the weekend long celebration of JJ’s Bohemia, undeniably the soul of the local music scene, in the heart of the MLK Blvd. district. Friday night will feature SunSap, Behold the Brave, Forest Fire Gospel Choir and ... more

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The last time you heard someone say Roshambeaux was probably before a competitive game of rock, paper, scissors. Much like the game, Roshambeaux the band is a dynamic musical experience that is unpredictable in all of the right ways. It’s hard to ... more

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I am begging you, imploring you, to go to Barley Taphouse this Saturday night. Caney Village takes the stage, and they bring an upbeat intensity with some dank rifts. They’re pretty much King Midas in band form: they blast out lyrical gold. more

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Venues come and go for a lot of reasons, but the best of the best endure. And on Saturday, Oct. 20th, one of Chattanooga’s most beloved venues celebrates twelve years of bringing in the best, the brightest, the weirdest, and the most wonderful. more

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There is a very fine balance between musicians that implement elements of both country and rock and roll into their music. You don’t want to sound too much like Alan Jackson, but you also don’t want to sound like AC/DC. more

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