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Enjoy The Winter Vibes At Barking Legs

So far this holiday season we’ve fluctuated from unseasonably warm days to a wave of brisk, frost-dusted mornings. Me, I’m looking forward to a constant chill dedicated to gloves, hats, and winter vibes, and it seems Seaux Chill and Friends are ...



It’s that most special season when yearly customs give way to annual traditions and the return of the War on Xmas is one of them. On December 25th, the best and only solution to your menstrual Krampus is a night at JJ’s Bohemia on MLK with your ... more

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When people ask me what I do, I tend to give the same answer; “I’m a writer and editor.” But one man with so many titles he couldn’t possibly list them in a casual conversation is Thollem McDonas. “A perpetually traveling pianist, keyboardist ... more

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This Friday the venerable Milele Roots will be taking over JJ’s Bohemia, along with special guests Road to Nightfall and ReverseFerret, in what promises to be one of the most rollicking feel-good parties of the season. more

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Of all the artists and music available to us at MAINX24 this weekend, there’s a local duo that stand out in a lovely way. Playing from 11 to 1 p.m. at Slick’s Burger is the Brother and the Hayes: sibling musicians that serenade the ears with ... more

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Long the bastion of great local music, JJ‘s Bohemia, nestled in the heart of the MLK Blvd. creative district, once again demonstrates its commitment to bringing you the best of everything the scene has to offer with JJ’s Redemption this Friday. more

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