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Plan Ahead For After Christmas

The holiday season is rife with musical opportunities, a callback perhaps to ancient ancestors staving off the cold and dark with light and celebration. One particularly sunny example is happening in a couple of weeks on Friday, Dec. 27th at JJ’s ...

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This Saturday, Chattanooga will be host to some phenomenal talent in the form of Ketch Secor and Molly Tuttle. These accomplished musicians will come together in this must-see performance at the iconic Songbirds. Ketch Secor is a seasoned multi ... Read more

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If you’re looking for a taste of the Emerald Isle, Saturday nights at The Honest Pint will scratch that itch with their ongoing series of Celtic performers including this week’s new act, Fractious Cats. To borrow a line from Tom Waits, the trio ... Read more

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There is nothing better than the day after Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Because to a lot of people, it is basically Christmas every day from there on out. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than bonfires, live music, fireworks, and ... Read more

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Do you love rock music? How about heavy metal? Five Finger Death Punch will be blowing minds with their head banging melodies this Saturday evening at McKenzie Arena. Known for their many successful albums and hit songs, Five Finger Death Punch ... Read more

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At the beginning of the year I reviewed a phenomenal album from Canadian treasure Noah Zacharin. Unfortunately, the review came too late to promote Zacharin’s live performance in the Scenic City, but the time has come to make amends for that as ... Read more

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