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A Celebration Of Genres

Chattanooga has a blend of what seems like a hundred different musical genres, from americana, pop and punk to bluegrass, metal and rock, we can never experience enough diversity of music. And with new live music venues popping up around town ...



Shahkim has gone by many names since I first met him in 2006. More significantly, his music has gone through many stages in that time, from the young overtly political rap of a decade ago to a grittier, meaner “gangsta” era, and ultimately ... more

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Good things often come in threes—the ingredients for a BLT, little pigs, circus tents—and sister band Spinster poses no exception to the Rule of Three. Composed of sisters Amelia, Rosalie, and Rachel Graber, Spinster sounds like a mixture of the ... more

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The Hermit of Mink Hollow is coming to the Chattanooga this weekend in a can’t-miss show aptly titled, “An Unpredictable Evening with Todd Rundgren.” The legendary performer and producer is perhaps as well known for his production work on seminal ... more

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Ever heard of the phrase, “kill two birds with one stone”? I think that saying applies to The 2 for 1 Show at JJ’s Bohemia this Saturday night as two disc jockeys will take the stage side-by-side, instead of solo as they usually perform. more

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How much do you love Chattanooga’s punk rock scene? If your answer is somewhere between “I’m kinda into it” and “More than anything on earth,” then Do Ya Hear We might be for you. Chattanooga’s “(mostly) annual” punk rock fest Do Ya Hear We is ... more

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