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Jazz Improv Trio Gets Radical

Fresh off the release of their collaborative album What Is To Be Done, the distinguished ensemble of Nels Cline, Larry Ochs, and Gerald Cleaver are an unlikely trio of radical jazz improvisation. Audiences never know what to expect with this trio ...

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This Friday, JJ’s Bohemia plays host to one of the most exciting concerts of the year as Chattanooga’s own James Leg takes the stage, hot off an extensive European tour. Known for raw, blistering performances, Leg holds nothing back on stage ... Read more

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This Saturday at 10 p.m., JJ’s Bohemia hosts the release of Bloodroot, the latest album from Chattanooga’s favorite sons, the Bohannons. Already receiving rave reviews, Bloodroot marks another raising of the bar by a band that consistently raises ... Read more

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One of the quiet(er) gems for seeing live music in town is Charles and Myrtle’s Coffeehouse on McBrien Road inside Christ Unity Church. Nearly every Saturday, they bring in some of the most intriguing regional and national acts and present them ... Read more

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There are guitar players. There are peculiar guitar players. But there’s not one guitar player who’s even as remotely peculiar as Buckethead, a 6’6” masked man who performs under an enigmatic persona while donning a chicken bucket upon his head. Read more

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How important is music? It’s a question that is rarely asked, because for many (most) of us, it would be the same as asking how important food, clothing, and shelter are. But even as important as music may be, there are those among us who do not ... Read more

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Finally, the air is warming, the slush is melting, and green leaves are hovering like hummingbirds on the willow fronds. It’s time to listen to music and dance.And dance you can, this Saturday at the annual St. Paddy’s Party on the Parkway ... Read more

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