October 26, 2011

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Happy haunted holidays everybody! I hope everyone is geared up for an explosive Halloween weekend. I found it extremely hard to highlight all the events for this Halloween weekend. Also, I really wanted to focus attention on some bands that I’ve been watching that will be playing at a venue near you. For this week, I’ve narrowed it down to a show that Atlanta-based Baby Baby is playing alongside Reagan Smash at The Honest Pint this Wednesday. This venue is seriously becoming one of my favorite spots to drink, eat and be merry. The shows here are a must-go-to at least once in your time spent in Chattanooga.

Baby Baby is one of those extremely high-energy bands that you cannot help but get into. Pure and simple, Baby Baby is a party band like no other that just instantly grabs your attention.

Baby Baby is Fontez Brooks, Kyle Dobbs, Grant Wallace, and Colin Boddy—all from Atlanta. Their concerts often have band members trading spots on vocals and drums. The drums are key to this band, and there are a lot of them. Expect to hear a lot of chanting in the crowd. All the howls, yelling, and participation are key to how much fun you have at this show. Trust me.

The origins of the band are shrouded in mystery but rumor has it that the band met in Carlton, GA.  According to Fontez Brooks, “That’s when a lot of gangster [expletive] happened.” It was there all the guys found a common ground in the music they all loved. Their influences range from Michael Jackson to Sub Pop. While on tour, the band gets into crazy antics that can be followed on their Facebook page. Let’s just say that their videos will put the MTV show Jackass to shame.  Kyle Dobbs says, “Sometimes we like to play this game where we pee in a bottle and toss it to the driver when they aren’t looking.”

Multi-instrumentalist Kyle Dobbs started playing instruments at a very early age, starting with playing the drums, then bass, then guitar. On stage, Kyle loves to play as many instruments as possible to “keep himself busy.” This is only the tip of the iceberg in describing how wild and frantic a Baby Baby concert is. Percussionist Colin Boddy describes the band as, “Party rock. Sweaty and weird. People will tell us that we sound like Kings of Leon but dancier.

“We try and encourage nudity at our shows but that sometimes turns awkward and a lot of dudes end up taking their shirt off.” Yes, you will see a lot of chanting at their shows. Although I can’t guarantee they will make you take your shirts off, I will tell you that they will make you want to chant loudly to their party anthems.

All crazy theatrics and entertainment aside, Baby Baby has been touring extensively this past year and the boys have been keeping busy. They’ve hit up Austin for SXSW back in March and are planning to return to play more showcases at the multi-venue festival. One of their favorite stops on tour is New York because “there is so much culture and so much to do there.”  

Some of Baby Baby’s favorite bands to play with have been Machines Are People Too, The Cusses, and Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun (who also play at JJ’s Bohemia on November 3).  The band has been tearing it up whenever they visit Chattanooga and their crowds just get bigger and wilder each time they come here. You can download Baby Baby’s music for free on their Facebook page. It’s been so cool to watch this band come into town and gain more fans every time, and I highly recommend if you’re into a good and fun time to make a stop into The Pint for some awkward, sweaty, good fun!

Baby Baby, Reagan Smash

$5 • 9 p.m. Wednesday, November 2

The Honest Pint, 35 Patten Pkwy.

(423) 468-4192.  


October 26, 2011

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Thanks for the nice interview of Baby Baby!

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