November 3, 2011

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Whew, we just can’t get a break. The weather has been phenomenal, Halloween was record-breaking, and to be honest, I have no idea what is coming next. Wait—who am I kidding? It’s turkey time in Tennessee for at least three hours and then we will be ready for Christmas.  Until then, we have a month-long cornucopia of musical events coming to our city and I shall embrace the bountiful joy with you.

On Thursday night, our dear friends at Rhythm & Brews will have the beautiful Leticia Wolf along with some of her Nashville neighbors sharing their souls for us. If you are new to the area (your only excuse to not know about Leticia,) she is one of the most celebrated Chattanooga female voices. She has been living in Nashville for some time now, so it is an especially personal experience to have her back. It seems that when she is between our bridges, a certain sense of freedom comes out, and you are sure to feel the energy and grace she exudes.

Combining influences as far across the board as Nirvana to The Beatles, her sound comes from a deep place and Thursday, she will let you in. Joining her is Stephen Simmons, whose latest album The Big Show features musicians who have played for the likes of artists such as k.d. lang, Sheryl Crow, John Prine and Taylor Swift. Molly Conley of Porter Hall Tennessee will also be in the house.

After you finally recover from bingeing on that leftover candy, then get ready for Sunday Funday at Stock with Rock, A Non-Perishable Music Event at the Honest Pint. We heard the Salvation Army was in need of food, I sent out some text messages and BAM, here came the crew. Sunday we will have music from 5 till the clock turns with more than ten performers and raffle of goodies provided by a range of local businesses. This evening just may become a tradition.  

Our Chattanooga Salvation Army has been working so hard, especially since the April tornadoes, that they are running out of food. If you have read any of my articles before, then you know I am crazy about benefit shows. I feel it is a super-important way to keep connected to our musical community and show that we are about more than just banging our heads, strumming a string, or shaking our booties. We are about all of that and more.  Sunday night I am happy to announce that Hap Henniger and the boys have returned with THE OWLS. A sound that seems grungy and out-of-this-world will end the night and begin the fallback time frame. Our friends Prophets & Kings will play The Pint for the first time and ghost hand comes in from Nashville. A newer band to the area, Soul Mechanic, will begin the evening with their key jam style. Many of our favorite singer/songwriters will perform original works, sharing the stage with one another and mixing in new band members.

As all of these performers are personal favorites of mine, I must say that I am really looking forward to another local musical find, The New Empires. Consisting of six members, The New Empires formed during a six-year journey and have a sound I haven’t heard coming from our other local bands. They have recorded in NYC at The Engine Room with producer J Chris Griffin, whose resume includes artists such as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kanye West and Madonna. Their self-titled CD will be out this month, so this is the perfect time to get to know these new rockers and welcome their talent into our area. All you need on Sunday is two non-perishable items or a $5 donation and a “Can”-do attitude.

Fill your cornucopia and remember to share!


November 3, 2011

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