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God Bless You D. Striker!

When I was homeless in Nashville, I was laying on a bus stop bench on Music Row thinking about selling the guitar that my day gave me. D. Striker was walking on the other side of the street when he saw me and made a bee-line right for me. I thought he was going to tell me the get the hell out of there. He walked up to me, handed me a one hundred dollar bill and told me to go get myself something to eat. God bless you D. Striker!

Reggie Hawkins more than 4 years ago

Is he who he says he is?

I can remain silent no longer. I can't say everything I know or reveal my own identity for fear of retribution, professional and otherwise, but I can tell you that it's possible that D. Striker is not everything--or perhaps he is MORE--than his publicity machine would have the public believe. I know this for a fact, from firsthand experience; this is no rumor being spread by a jealous performer or former coworker. I can't share details, but suffice it to say that the person known to you and your hardworking research department as Mr. Strker has deep connections on Music Row, where, although his "outsider country" act is as much appreciated as the recent break in the oppressive summer heat (thanks again, Canada!), he is far from being an industry outsider. Perhaps the man I once knew was the persona, and Striker is the real identity, stripped of his conventional mask. Who can say for sure what delineates artist from artifice? And what of his obsession with Friday the 13th? Triskadekaphobics beware! Questions need to be asked. Ideally in person. Tonight would be good.

Bub A. Citizen more than 4 years ago

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