December 1, 2011

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No time for banter this week, my friends. Lots to do, not enough time. Gotsta decide which bathroom I will use to switch from day to evening gear and how much money I can spend between chili, beer and holiday gifts. Gotsta find out if there is an app for my friend’s phone that will tell me where all my people are so I don’t have to use the old ways of texting or yelling from a street corner. Gotsta see all my bands, I will need coffee, gotsta get my coffee.

MY OH MY, where is Sandy? I need a hug.

OK, calm down. We do this every year and figure it out every time, usually with a Sunday headache of joy. Sorry—what in the world am I talking about?

This Saturday we celebrate the Southside with MAINX24.

In its fifth year, we prove wiser and are able to introduce new friends and neighbors to this gloriously unique side of town.

My only nonmusical advice will be to just stay home Friday night…if you just can’t say no to that lil’ red guy on your shoulders, then at least take it easy—you will have 24 straight hours on Main Street to let it all out and more than 90 events to muster through the next day.

Here we go:

The Main Event will be held at Track 29 from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m., hosting the world-famous reggae group The Wailers. You know, those guys who played with Bob Marley. It is an all-ages show and as has been discussed, you will be there with dreads on or not. That is all I will say about that.

Now for you daytime lurkers, you have to get down to The CampHouse at anytime between 1 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. There are 12 different performers: Noah Collins, The Family Gardener, Strung Like a Horse and Rick Rushing being local favorites and many others I am excited to hear for the first time. There will also be a Latte Art Competition. Ooh la la.

Another other heavy hitter will be one of my personal favorites—the World HeavyWeight Chili Competition at OCI. Four local bands will grace the stage, including our homies, Glowing Bordis. There will be a huge Lego Build for kids and adults and you get a taste of what our local friends have cooked up as they try to win the heavyweight belt for best (or maybe even worst) chili of the year!

This year, we welcome The Crash Pad to its first MainX24.

The Crash Pad and its employees rock, and if you haven’t been by yet, then here is your excuse to see what this wonderful hostel has to offer for your next stay-cation. You can also challenge a few friends to corn hole, ping-pong and ladder ball while having a drink and listening to the sounds of Reagan Smash. You can find this hot spot behind Niedlov’s.

Also new this year is The Electric Bull and Music at 509 E. Main Street. Um, yeah, an electric bull…this should make a great area to camp out for those in the photo contest and I can reassure that while I may stop by to hear the Atlanta-based group Men of Soul and groove out, you will only see my laughter and not my tears of embarrassment on this day.

Do not forget the Bread Factory Lofts Tacky Christmas Sweater Party from 6 to 9 p.m., 1615 Cowart St. You know you have one—pull it on and listen to DJK7 spin.

There is just too much. Go to the website, print a schedule, figure it out. Occupy Main Street and support our local businesses. Take your kids to the Root Beer Kegger at Terminal, see what Monica has been up to at Mean Mug Coffee Shop, watch local SMTA students play Summit pianos at CreateHere, vote at the Busking Competition or go and Busk Yourself!


Did I get a Velo’s coffee yet? See you Saturday!


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December 1, 2011

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