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New Music From Melody's Echo Chamber, Jon Hassell

One of the most gratifyingly replayable albums for this writer from the current decade has proven to be the 2012 debut album from Melody’s Echo Chamber—the outlet of French singer/musician Melody Prochet; it attained a sort of pop nirvana with ...



The new album from Big Kitty—the charming outlet of former Chattanoogan Clark Williams—is self-aware in its artificiality, but it’s too fun to be mired in some grand statement about that. His assumed posture on his new fake-live, completely solo ... more

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While some music is clearly the result of smashing genres together (“It’s Tuvan throat singing mixed with reggae!” reads a quote from a press release that doesn’t exist), when it comes to Anteloper—the duo of trumpeter Jaimie Branch and drummer ... more

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Self-described as “harsh, maximalist electro-acoustic,” it could be argued that Luna Mitchell’s one-woman band Torschlusspanik from Cleveland, Tenn. has more in common with French 20th century masters of electro-acoustic music—music that relies ... more

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The Film Noir and Sci-Fi inspired rock and roll/old American music album Songs from the Void from Nashville’s The Wanderers is exceptional on many levels. The sheer brilliance, talent, and diversity that make up the album creates something ... more

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Originally from Lima, Peru, Efraín Rozas moved to New York City to pursue doctoral studies in composition and ethnomusicology, and his group La Mecánica Popular has some lofty aims—to explore “the frontier between social dance and ... more

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