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New Music From Shabaka & the Ancestors, Irreversible Entanglements

Shabaka & the Ancestors’ second coming is an Afro-futurist meditation on the end of days and what comes next. We Were Sent Here By History is a dark and ecstatic rumination on societal collapse; a survey of the damage wrought by late-stage ...

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In David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return, Special Agent Dale Cooper traverses time, space, and an abstract dimension to break free from the Black Lodge, where he’s been trapped in limbo for twenty-five years. The twisted and unsettling journey ... Read more

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Overcoming cognitive dissonance while making sense of a day in the life in Washington D.C. has long driven the capital city’s music scene. Be it the wild go-go rhythms of Chuck Brown and EU or the full-throttle hardcore and post-hardcore that ... Read more

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In the fall of 1969, Larry Ochs was bouncing between majors at the University of Pennsylvania, while working as a college radio DJ at 88.5 FM/WXPN. “I was a rock guy back then, I liked Jimi Hendrix,” he says. “The station had an incredible jazz ... Read more

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In the end, nature always reclaims the landscape after the forces of industry have given way to changing technology. The old ways become antiquated and the infrastructure is abandoned. But no matter how defiled, or how rife with pollution the ... Read more

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Arbor Labor Union last checked in circa 2016. The Atlanta-based indie rock foursome had just released its Sub Pop Records debut, I Hear You, an album that reconciled a love of bashing away at hippie-ish Americana imagery, albeit abstract ... Read more

Record Reviews

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