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New Music From Three Way Mirror, Ahmoudou Madassane

Sax, tuba, congas—one might think that the instruments of the jazz trio Three Way Mirror were drawn at random from a hat, but when Atlanta saxophonist Jeff Crompton put together this group back in 2015, he took partial inspiration from Arthur ...



The curse of having a reasonably good memory is remembering every ill-founded notion one ever had, and this writer recalls, briefly during early adolescence in an insufferable bout of music snobbery, having strong thoughts about the use of ... more

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Music has always been a big part of my life. I have a never-ending love for it, in all its forms. There is no limit to my love affair with it, I do not get hung up on genres, I focus more on the musical aspect of the content than anything else. more

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To say that the world is a complicated place is a huge understatement, and this writer is reminded, time and again, that many people simply can’t get beyond binary options. You’re with us or you’re against us; this is the best thing ever or the ... more

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After releasing three live albums, the ecstatically explosive drums/guitar duo of Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt has released its first studio album, Brace Up! And while live albums can sometimes harness a wild energy and risk-taking—operating ... more

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The Australian trio The Necks—comprised of keyboardist Chris Abrahams, percussionist Tony Buck and bassist Lloyd Swanton—frequently uses a default method, particularly with its live sets. This method involves starting with a simple improvised ... more

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