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New Music From Acid Mothers Temple, Cloning

Disco Demolition Night, 40 years ago, was the symbolic peak of the “Disco sucks!” sentiment, where attendees at a baseball doubleheader received discounted admission for bringing in a disco record, to be exploded during a between-game ceremony.

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Do you think you might be a stick in the mud? Do you hate fun? Well, this writer has a litmus test for you—give a listen to Run Around the Sun, the second album from the Glasgow, Scotland duo Sacred Paws, which is also one of the most flat-out ... Read more

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When I was a young fellow I attended an event in which a group of fantasy illustrators, for the amusement of their audience, competed in a game of Win, Lose, or Draw. It was played for humor (to great success) but what was more striking was the ... Read more

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Underground rock/punk/hardcore fans will recognize the rhythm section of the instrumental Washington, D.C. trio The Messthetics—drummer Brendan Canty and bassist Joe Lally—as that of the legendary D.I.Y. band Fugazi; however, out in front, in the ... Read more

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The career of the Colorado-based group Biota has many extraordinary moments that are compelling, dense, and strange, while bearing a certain sonic lush elegance, even when things get muddled and complicated. Using acoustic source material and ... Read more

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Hamish Kilgour is perhaps best known as the drummer of the frequently brilliant New Zealand band The Clean (newcomers can start with the generous Anthology), founded more than 40 years ago with his brother David Kilgour; he often supplied his ... Read more

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