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New Music From Theon Cross, Jessica Pavone

The general perception of the tuba is that it’s useful for comical sound effects—think of the brass tune that gets played on The Price Is Right after a contestant loses a game—or creating a soundtrack for parades of creatures of impressive girth.

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The double-edged sword of modern music is that if something sounds fresh, there’s the risk of it becoming an over-used trope, and in ten years, it might sound severely dated and forever locked into a specific time period. While New York United is ... Read more

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The Rueda de Bullerengue series from the Brooklyn label Names You Can Trust grew from the New York collective Bulla en el Barrio, dedicated to putting a spotlight on Colombian music—bullerengue, in particular ... Read more

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This writer has a very specific memory of watching the music video for “Joy” by the Sundays on MTV’s “120 Minutes” when it came out in 1990 and sharing his enthusiasm for it with a friend in German class the next day. Clearly, the Sundays were ... Read more

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Recently released The Seas of Mist, by Chattanooga’s own Zach Ryan, is a solid gold album that unveils a local sensation who is about to bust at the seams with success. The music that pours from his being is powerful, to say the least. It is ... Read more

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Chicago trumpeter and composer Will Miller has stayed busy as a session musician, arranger and touring artist in the band Whitney, but he also has his own project Resavoir, which he has been gradually developing over the last few years mostly ... Read more

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