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New Music From Kouns & Weaver, Gauxe

The new perennial chestnut “Guys, guys, listen, Die Hard is a Christmas movie!” awakes from its hibernation every December to appear on social media, seemingly heralded as a Nobel Prize-worthy revelation and discovery. Despite centering on Santa ...

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The electronic methods used on Wobbly’s new album Monitress remind this critic of the “telephone” party game, where a person whispers a phrase to another person who repeats the phrase to another person until the last person says it aloud; usually ... Read more

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This writer doesn’t envy those on symphony boards with the challenging task and eternal struggle of attracting new generations of listeners in the realm of classical music. One would hope enjoyment and appreciation come from a persuasive stoking ... Read more

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The new album from COIMS, released on cassette on the Public Eyesore imprint Eh?, is the sound of getting lost in time and space and not feeling particularly concerned. The Bristol, U.K. duo has used the words “eco” and “primitive” to describe ... Read more

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After decades, bassist Mike Watt—best known as a member of the legendary '80s punk group Minutemen—seems to be busier than ever in 2019. In this year, he toured Europe over the summer as the bassist for Flipper, had a fall tour with his ... Read more

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About her 1974 electronic piece “Adnos”, musician and composer Éliane Radigue wrote, “Moving stones around in the river bed does not affect the stream, but alters the fluid shape.” To this writer, two things stand out about that sentence: 1) That ... Read more

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