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New Music From Hanz, The Yearning

The latest vinyl and digital release Plasty II from Hanz, the musical outlet of recording artist Brandon Juhans of Durham, N.C., is a genre-smashing exercise full of twists that perhaps conveys being in a video-game-world earthquake.



Chattanooga rapper BbyMutha took her name by reclaiming an insult, originally lobbed from a jealous corner in a love triangle; the mother of four children (two sets of twins), her motherhood isn’t a shtick—it’s her life, intertwined (but not ... more

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Gwenno Saunders is one of an estimated few thousand people who are fluent speakers of the obscure Cornish language, from Cornwall county in southwest England, and she made a point to write her second solo album, Le Kov, solely in Cornish. more

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Keyboardist Hailu Mergia was a member of one of Ethiopia’s greatest bands in the ‘70s—the Walias Band—which featured players including the Ethio-jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke and pianist Girma Beyene; as the hotel band at the Addis Ababa Hilton ... more

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Chance McDaniel produces pure poetry with his music production skills. His ability to transfer raw feeling into his sound, and make the notes and beats match his heartbeat is truly phenomenal. In his most recent chill/ambient/down-tempo/trippy ... more

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Perhaps the release date of the new Living Hour EP Lovely, Lonely was strategically timed to come a few weeks after Valentine’s Day, being subtitled “A Collection of Covers for Hollow Hearts”; while prevailing attitudes around that holiday are ... more

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