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New Music From Sambassadeur, Altin Gün

The Swedish group Sambassadeur—which takes its name from the Brazilian-influenced Serge Gainsbourg song “Les Sambassadeurs”—went from playing above-average indie-pop to creating some absolutely sublime and majestic pop songs on its third album ...

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The itinerant couple of itta (from South Korea) and Marqido (from Japan) comprises the group TENGGER, formerly known as “10” and since renamed after their son RAAI was born; when pronounced, the new band name means “sky” in Mongolian and “sea” in ... Read more

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“We can’t control ourselves. It’s like something from another world.” So says a participant (translated from Portuguese) in the short documentary film This Is Bate Bola, talking about a specific subculture of Brazil’s Carnival in Rio de Janeiro ... Read more

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Some lofty goals are proposed in the manifesto of the London trio The Comet Is Coming about its “musical expression forged in the deep mystery”, which cites steps such as “the overcoming of fear” and “the embracing of chaos”. On the trio’s new ... Read more

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With the plethora of impressive emcees consistently wrecking the airwaves in Chattanooga, it can be a daunting task for artists who are not already in the limelight to stand out. Potent music is on an even flow and the local artists are always ... Read more

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British singer, songwriter and musician Rose Elinor Dougall got a burst of fame in the previous decade as a vocalist known as “Rosay” in the modernized girl-group throwback band The Pipettes, delivering polished pop escapism and unabashedly ... Read more

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