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The Barry Orchestra, Chattanooga Girls Rock

The Chattanooga music scene is currently in full stride. Local artists are producing amazing music that has a worldwide sound. Introducing....The Barry Orchestra Vol. 3 by the Barry Orchestra is a magical album that has a one of a kind sound and ...



The Nashville trio the Bad Signs was born from inspiration that guitarist Nat Rufus got from a decades-old black and white photo of two motorcycle-riding teens—“vintage rebel youth” as he put it. Make no mistake—the group is going for a retro ‘60s... more

May 17, 2017 11:41 AM Record Reviews

For the simultaneously reverent and heretical jazz band Mostly Other People Do The Killing (MOPDTK), pissing off jazz purists seems to come easy. The group revisits jazz forms such as hard bop, but the band’s execution pushes the intensity level ... more

May 10, 2017 12:04 PM Record Reviews

The album Los Galpones (“The Sheds”) from Argentinian musician Alan Courtis (also known for his work in the group Reynols) is the latest in a twisty and prolific career with a voluminous catalog numbering over one hundred releases and numerous ... more

May 3, 2017 11:51 AM Record Reviews

Satirist Tom Lehrer cheekily dismissed rock music as “children’s records” on his live album An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer, unaware in 1959 of the serious and infantile polar-opposite extremes popular music would take in future decades ... more

Apr 19, 2017 1:29 PM Record Reviews

The Triptych three-volume series may be of interest to those wanting a snapshot of the current indie scene in Brighton, England and also perhaps to numerologists—in addition to its digital release, the series is comprised of three extremely ... more

Apr 12, 2017 12:22 PM Record Reviews

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