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New Music From Zachary Biggus, CoAtlas

While some incredible music originates from the fabulous Scenic City, occasionally it is nice to show love to the regional artists out there making some noise in the music world. Coming out of Nashville is the righteous LP Earthling by Zachary ...

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A contender for the flat-out happiest album of the year, just a few months in, is the new album Wasalala from the duo Madalitso Band from the southeast African nation of Malawi. Lead singer Yobu Maligwa, who also plays the babatoni—a giant ... Read more

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This writer and hoarder of antiquated technology recently pulled out his VHS video cassette recorder to watch David Lynch’s troubling prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (after crawling past the finish line of finally completing the original ... Read more

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The Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of music is “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. When local musician Josh McCausland put together his recently ... Read more

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This writer feels like a crotchety, rake-shaking old man each time he explains to some young, earnest vinyl collector that back in the ‘90s, the standard price for an indie-rock/pop 7-inch single was $3 and an LP was usually around $8, while ... Read more

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Listening to the new cassette Hesitation Marks from the Norwegian artist Sindre Bjerga, this writer imagines some kind of exploratory team from another planet, sifting through the remnants of human civilization on Earth. Some technologically ... Read more

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Many years ago, this writer and certain friends had a form of micro-humor, involving attempts to crack each other up by uttering just a single carefully selected word, such as “oval” or “trousers”. It wasn’t the word’s meaning that mattered—it ... Read more

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