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New Music From Fred Thomas, Moon Revenge

In Laurie Anderson’s track “A Story About a Story,” she had an interesting observation about memories when recalling a difficult hospital stay from her childhood—when telling stories, we tend to clean things up in order to get to the point; in ...



There are two completely different ways this writer considered approaching the new album Mutations created by Marco Albert (from Oaxaca, Mexico), Bryan Day (from San Francisco) and Jay Kreimer (from Lincoln, Neb.): 1) find out as much information ... more

Record Reviews

This writer has uttered the phrase, “You’ll have to pry my CDs from my cold, dead hands” on more than a few occasions, and as listening habits have shifted away from physical media toward digital downloads and Internet streaming, it’s easy to ... more

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The explosive drummer and composer Tatsuya Yoshida is royalty in the Japanese fringe underground, best known as the sole consistent member of the long-running intense bass/drums duo Ruins, which is now just Yoshida continuing as “Ruins Alone.” more

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Bach’s famous composition “The Goldberg Variations”—written for harpsichord but often performed on piano—features a melody with 30 variations that demonstrate the possibilities of the keyboard, challenge the performer’s required virtuosity and ... more

Record Reviews

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Connecticut band Landing has released its latest full-length album, Bells in New Towns, with a diversity that makes this writer believe that the group has an impeccable record collection. more

Record Reviews

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