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New Music From Tonbruket, Sisso

The Swedish quartet Tonbruket has apparently won four Swedish Grammy awards in the jazz category for previous albums, but this writer believes that’s because they probably don’t have a “none of the above” category.

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This writer remembers first trying to describe Andreas Dorau, and the best he could come up with at the time was if an adult version of the annoyingly voiced egghead Urkel, from the '90s TV show “Family Matters”, was a German dance-pop star. It ... Read more

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The Oxford Dictionary appropriately named “post-truth” the “Word of the Year” in 2016; while personal beliefs and emotions have interfered with facts and rationality for the entirety of human history, this phenomenon has become more magnified in ... Read more

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There are several different levels on which to appreciate the Chattanooga quartet Lacing’s second album, Without, and as the listener becomes more familiar with it, they may find ways to connect with it that may be entirely unexpected. It’s a ... Read more

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Many rock albums feature an opening salvo—a burst of figurative gun shots, in the form of several high-energy songs, often the album’s best songs, to start things off and grab the listener’s attention. When it comes to Lightning Bolt’s new album ... Read more

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Disco Demolition Night, 40 years ago, was the symbolic peak of the “Disco sucks!” sentiment, where attendees at a baseball doubleheader received discounted admission for bringing in a disco record, to be exploded during a between-game ceremony. Read more

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