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New Music From The Bardos, The ExLaws

Abe Houck, who possesses the twin skills of playing with some of the most musically creative and intelligent folks around and also being one of them, has released a new project under the name The Bardos. My age being what it is, my physician has ...

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This writer remembers when the west African guitarist Bombino made an album in 2013 with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, and he thought, “Well okay, I guess Tuareg guitar rock has officially arrived.” But in retrospect, this is a problematic ... Read more

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Lately, this writer’s two most frequently uttered phrases are, delivered with wildly varying degrees of sincerity depending on the situation, “Everything’s going to be okay,” and “We’re doomed.” In line with the latter sentiment is the new album ... Read more

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While most musicians measure time with beats, for the duo of Phil Todd—known as the main force behind the prolific Ashtray Navigations—and Anla Courtis (known as a member of Reynols), their complicated, collaborative drones have their own subtle ... Read more

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Hell-On is the first solo release from Neko Case in five years. Case, whose ability as a singer/songwriter has been critically acclaimed since her debut, fully assumes the mantle of producer with this latest offering. It’s a welcome move ... Read more

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It took several weeks for this writer to realize why, initially, the debut EP from Chicago, Illinois vocalist and songwriter Johari Noelle stood out to him, among the vast sea of literally hundreds of new releases he wades through every year. Read more

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