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New Music From Viands, Pram

The Detroit keyboard duo Viands treads a line fraught with soft tension while holding things together, perhaps like a stranded astronaut sending out electronic distress signals while remaining calm. Comprised of David Shettler (known for his work ...



In an essay, saxophonist and composer Andrew Raffo Dewar clarified that his work is about “setting processes in motion, both social and musical, not in creating discrete, fixed objects.” One could argue that, structurally, this is an extension of ... more

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The new, self-titled album from the Detroit jazz outfit Quartet Now! is the inaugural release on Detroit label Two Rooms Records, and if you’re looking for a single album that completely oozes Detroit jazz, on several levels, then look no further. more

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The rhythm of life is music. Through all the smiles, cries, and everything in between, musicians find a way to express their selves while connecting with other beings; that is magic if you ask me. Emotions being shared through the power of music ... more

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In an alternate universe, it could have been a premise for a Big Brother-type reality show: let’s put the members of Black Sabbath, Fela Kuti and Carlos Santana in an apartment for a week and see what wackiness ensues. more

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There are certainly far worse misfortunes in the grand scheme of things, but it’s always a bummer to discover that a band that you admire has broken up—in this writer’s case, by unexpectedly coming across a YouTube concert video that is labeled ... more

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