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Article almost as enjoyable as subject material

As I'm reading Richard's article I can hear his voice in my mind's ear (I know its him because it's hard to miss the only Chattanooga D.J. with an English accent), and I'm thinking I'm reading a some Pulitzer Prize-class Rolling Stone review about The Trio... a masterful lesson in How To Write To Inform and Entertain.. But this is how Richard talks too. His on-air interviews and between-the-tracks soliloquys give you sense you're listening to a worldly music journo who lived through the 60's and 70's Rock, Blues, and Jazz Music Experiments now enjoying semi-retirement as the tenured Professor of D.J. at Chattanooga's own 88.1 WUTC.

Keep 'em coming (and spinning) Richard!

- A Fan

Ryan the Rhino more than 3 years ago

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