June 6, 2013

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Weird Bass Music Festival shakes up Pelham

The Weird Bass Music Festival, happening June 7-9, is a brand-new music festival designed for festival lovers by festival lovers…especially those of the basshead variety. (Wub. )

VanDub Productions, the company organizing the event, has up until this point specialized in events designed for a club setting. A mutual love of small music festivals and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) changed that.  VanDub is taking their event organizing expertise into the great outdoors on a private farm in Pelham, TN; let’s just hope all that bass doesn’t cause an earthquake. 

Nicole Denton with VanDub Productions said the idea behind the festival was to provide an environment where the natural “utopia” that is found at smaller music festivals can develop and flourish. The goal of Weird is for bassheads and EDM fans from all over the country to come together and create their own little ecosystem for the weekend, one in which you can walk around and see the same familiar faces, and no one gets lost in the “hustle.” VanDub wants Weird to be a place where people come to celebrate life and music. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they’ll have warm showers and port-o-potties that are cleaned daily. Parking is free, and you can camp in your car.  (Bass drop—Ooooommmmmm.)

As of now, festival organizers are expecting around 1,500 people, but the festival will be capped off at 3,000, to make sure that “small festival” feeling is present. VanDub Productions has hired Captivating Light Designs out of Atlanta to make sure your eyes are as pleased as your ears are going to be. Both companies have gone to great lengths to make sure each stage at the event will have its own unique feeling and personality (can you say 3D mapping?). Attendees should expect nothing less than full sensory immersion. 

When asked how the lineup was constructed, Nicole said they simply picked the musicians people in the EDM community would want to hear. Headliners include Helicopter Showdown, Dieselboy, and Run DMT. AFK, Cryptex, Megalodon, and more than 50 others will also be there. 

Tickets are $69 in advance, or $80 at the gate. 

Put on your best bass face, grab your glow sticks, and come drop bass (not bombs). 

Weird Bass Music Festival

June 7-9,

516 Taylor Rd., 

Pelham, TN


June 6, 2013

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