January 24, 2013

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  Zappa Plays Zappa is essentially a “cover” band in that they are doing their best to reproduce the music as it sounds on the original records, but they aren’t slaves to the page. Everybody in the band is given some solo space where they can improvise within the compositions, but in “the right context,” Zappa was quick to add. “It’s never presented in such a way that we take a big left turn and suddenly it doesn’t have anything to do with Frank’s music anymore.“

  Working on the project so intently for so long has not only given Dweezil a heightened respect for his father’s gifts, it’s also brought him much closer to him.

“The thing that is sometimes surprising to me is that I have learned a lot of the idiosyncrasies within his guitar style and I’ve studied a lot of the sounds that he used and so when I’m playing certain things and when I’m improvising I’m using some of his phrases as guidelines within solos and so what happens is I’ll play something on the guitar that’s so evocative of something that he’s already played that it sometimes doesn’t feel like it’s me playing it. I’ll have moments when I’ll feel, ‘Wow! Frank just really snuck out there.’”

Dweezil Zappa: "Zappa Plays Zappa: Accept No Substitutes

8 p.m. • $30-$55 • Wednesday, Jan. 30

Track 29 • 1400 Market St. • (423) 521-2929 •


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