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come on

Come on Richard, you work in radio, are you really going to call all electronic music techno? That's like me calling anything with a guitar heavy metal.

John Daugherty more than 9 years ago


So when you wrote this article did you ACTUALLY go to a Big Gigantic show or see the energy that you talked about in this article? I bet if you went outside your bubble and actually witnessed what these guys bring to a show that you would write this article in a different tone? You're being pretty overtly negative in an article that is suppose to drive people to a show.

Even the way you start this article makes you come off like you can't even stand to see this music live. "Big Gigantic are neither big nor gigantic at the moment, but they’re working on it." Um....did you know they headlined and SOLD OUT the Red Rocks Amphitheater last month...

I'm not saying you're doing a bad job Richard. But I am saying do your research a little bit better. You're almost writing this article in a way where you're bashing the genre of music they try to creatively blend in.

"Combining electronic dance music’s fiercely rhythmic drive with Lalli’s free floating sax and synth melodies, the two often approach something like a mix of Pink Floyd and Skrillex. It doesn’t always work."

As someone who has tried to really educate and inform people about these kinds of shows I'm pretty put off by the way you wrote about these guys. See them live--I will guarantee you will be blown away.

Dave Castañeda more than 9 years ago

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