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Delving Into The Darkness

A popular way to market new prestige horror films is to call them “the scariest film since The Exorcist.” I use the term “prestige horror” in the same way television writers use the term “prestige television” to describe dramas on HBO and AMC ...



What would happen if you took the dot matrix printers out of Alien, added footage from Battlestar Galactica, and then tried to pass it off as a movie? You’d get Space Mutiny. Combine a wardrobe of spandex and tinfoil; a set boasting AstroTurf and ... more

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Between 1978 and 1996, Action Park was a popular tourist destination in Vernon, New Jersey. For those unfamiliar, the amusement park was notoriously dangerous and during the park’s tenure six people died from injuries sustained on the rides. more


If you already know, just by reading the headline, what a Dalek is, you are likely already excited about what’s to come in this little column. If you don’t know,’s high time you expand your entertainment world to include one of the most ... more

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There’s nothing better than seeing a movie with low expectations and being pleasantly surprised. Given how low my expectations tend to be for Hollywood tent-pole movies, you’d think it would happen more often. Usually, however, Hollywood movies ... more


Pretty much every fan of over-the-top film comedy has a soft spot in their comedic heart for the legendary Mel Brooks. The man behind such classics as Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, History Of The World, Part 1, and Spaceballs (among many ... more

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