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Pet Sematary: A Subtle Approach To Death

Grief is a powerful emotion. The cruelest aspect of our evolution is the knowledge of the difference between life and death. Animals are instinctual—they protect themselves from harm and avoid death whenever possible, but they have no real ...

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RiffTrax’s Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett (of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame) are back in cinemas this spring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of RiffTrax Live with an all-new riff on a B-movie classic. Read more

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Captain Marvel has always been one of my favorite superheroes. I’m not referring to Carol Danvers, the superpowered Kree/human hybrid that recently broke box office records for Marvel Studios, much to the chagrin of internet trolls everywhere. Read more


From the first glimpse of the cloud city, suspended by some magical amalgam of engineering and hoodoo, dumping rubbish onto a slag heap far below, I thought: “Bespin? Sakaar? Communist commentary on the elites floating above the proles?” Read more

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Come out for a special evening in support of freshwater science and conservation as the Tennessee Aquarium premieres the Hidden Rivers of Southern Appalachia documentary. This spectacular new film, shot across Southern Appalachia, celebrates the ... Read more

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The wonderful thing about film is its duality. A good film is always about something, but it’s also about something else. Just like other art forms, there are themes to be found, characters to be deconstructed, choices to be analyzed. Read more


There’s really nothing like a big swashbuckling battle where heroes shoot rainbow-colored jets of energy out of their fists, is there? Or maybe share dramatic smooshy-wooshy kisses all over the big screen? But possibly, just possibly, you’d like ... Read more


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