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Cinderella Comes To The Opera

For the first time ever, Massenet’s sumptuous take on the Cinderella story, Cendrillon, comes to the world famous Metropolitan Opera, and you can see it live in all its high-definition glory on the big screen. “Glorious,” raved the New York Times ...



For fans of Japanese animation, Studio Ghibli is the equivalent of Pixar Studios for American audiences. For decades, the artists, writers, and directors at Studio Ghibli have made some of the best—and more creative—anime films in the world. And ... more

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One of my favorite games to play with friends is “could you survive a zombie apocalypse?” It’s a great conversation starter at work, at school, over drinks, or while grilling in the backyard. Which goes a long way to understand the ongoing appeal ... more

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It may be hard to believe, but Grease is turning 40 this year. It was a Broadway smash that became a cultural sensation on the big screen and cemented the stardom of both John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John. more

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Finally, the dynamic duo that is Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero has reunited for a dream project that will send fans of The Room and The Disaster Artist into paroxyms of unabated joy once more, and send new fans into a journey of unprecedented ... more

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For a long time, fans of film animation have been extolling the fantastic anime films that have been coming out of Japan. The films have run the gamut from massive projects such as 1988’s Akira on through television adaptations on Pokémon and ... more

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