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It's A Jim Henson Christmas

For several generations, nothing says Christmas quite like watching the creations of Jim Henson. The genius behind Sesame Street and The Muppets has created a number of holiday classics. And this Sunday, you can head over to either East Ridge 18 ...



We write a lot about film here in The Pulse, mainly because we love movies. So it’s always cool when we learn of a local filmmaker getting some national attention. Like Chattanooga’s own Morgan Capps, whose first feature film is playing in movie ... more

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Forty years ago, superhero movies were not the dominant box office force they are today. In fact, they were just about the complete opposite. In the 1970’s, superheroes were relegated to the brightly colored (and poorly animated) television ... more

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For fans of Japanese animation—known simply as anime—there has long been one studio that has produced some of the most popular, entertaining, and enduring film works throughout their history: Studio Ghibli. In a special three-day engagement ... more

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Every year around this time, various media sites start ranking the “best” holiday movies of all time. Certain films always make the list: It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, and the perennial television marathon of A ... more

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Sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on you. One minute you’re grooving out in the theater to the camp classic Mamma Mia! and then the next thing you know a decade has passed you by. That said, the closest thing we have to a real time machine ... more

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