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To start and end your review with a critique that has everything to do with the theater and nothing to do with the movie is a bit ridiculous. Also to say that "If there is anyone in the world that doesn’t know where Superman came from and how he became The Man of Tomorrow, they likely aren’t going to see many movies" excludes the younger generation of kids who were the ones who made Superman popular in the first place. Would you say the same exact thing about the Spiderman franchise? I agree that throwing in modern nuances and trying to provide realistic reasoning behind some of his abilities was a bit much. But there are plenty of people who couldn't tell you the origins of the character and will still want to see the movie and know what is going on.

Joel more than 4 years ago


Having seen the film twice at different theaters (once at the Majestic 12 and once at the Wilderness Outdoor, where I had the ability to control the volume), I can say that the issue is with the sound design rather than the theater. Zack Snyder has has a tendency to value style over substance, so the bombastic sound design (in which the "loudness" of the film is included) matches the over the top violence onscreen. I didn't particularly enjoy either - it distracted me from the story. As to the inclusion of the origin story, I still feel that the character of Superman (Spiderman as well, to a slightly lesser extent) is very well represented across a variety of media and it's unlikely that one of these new blockbuster films is going to someone's first introduction to the franchise. Younger generations don't exist in a vacuum and are typically introduced to new experiences by a parent/older sibling who already knows the story. My son, for instance, is three and has known about Superman for most of his short life. If the origin is absolutely necessary it doesn't need to take up the first 30-40 minutes - the old Superman cartoon serials managed to cover everything in less than 30 seconds. "Man of Steel" of course was using it to introduce the character of Zod, but even that could have been on a smaller scale that didn't include a Krypton laser battle. I think I'd just like more Superman/Clark Kent characterization and less exposition.

John more than 4 years ago

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