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Hollywood doesn’t let franchises die. If something was popular once, chances are it can be popular again. This is the essential Hollywood axiom. It’s the reason we get prequels to Alien, sequels to The Terminator, and endless movies about a ...



Everyone loves an underdog story. I suppose it comes from a certain selfishness. We are all underdogs in our own minds. Everyone is party to their own struggles. These hardships are the essence of empathy, of putting others first, of seeing the ... more


Not all movies can be good. In general terms, there are three to five movies released wide every week and dozens more in smaller markets around the country. Film is big business and audiences demand new content on a regular basis, largely as a ... more


As I was watching The Happytime Murders I couldn’t help but think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The 1988 classic was a testament to the marriage of good storytelling and passionate filmmaking. Every single shot was carefully and artfully crafted ... more

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When I first discovered Stephen King’s writing, one of the things I enjoyed was he how connected these seemingly disparate stories into a fairly cohesive universe. It wasn’t something you saw much in fiction, outside of comic books, and it helped ... more


Spike Lee’s latest film BlacKkKLansman might be set in the 1970s but it’s not movie about a time period. One of the more frustrating things about living in the future is how hard old habits seem to die. Lee is a filmmaker that knows the limits of ... more


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