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Dumplin’: A Product Of Consumer Analysis

There’s no doubt that Netflix has changed film as we know it. The company completely decimated the movie rental industry, essentially driving a multi-billion dollar powerhouse out of the market entirely. Netflix is an example of what is possible ...

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It’s about that time again. Seven years ago, the Lookout Wild Film Festival began offering a niche film event, one particularly suited to Chattanooga. The LWFF is a celebration of the “wild” places of the world and the people who seek them out. Read more


It’s easy to think that the current White House administration is uniquely terrible in all things. The evidence is there: real time corruption, a who’s who of bad actors, lies, camps, tweets. Every single day is a new low, a weakened institution ... Read more


It’s not a stretch to say that most superhero movies are animated. Sure, they have live actors in them and the art is largely photorealistic renderings of comic book art, but there are teams and teams of animators, designers, and other artists ... Read more


One of the better films I saw at the Chattanooga Film Festival last April was Summer of 84, a coming-of-age/horror film about the serial killer next door.  In it, a group of boys begins an investigation into their neighbor, a well-liked, friendly ... Read more


It takes a bit of skill to make a safe film about an uncomfortable subject. History is littered with horrors. People have been, and continue to be, unabashedly awful to each other for a variety of reasons. Ignorance abounds, from sanctuary to ... Read more


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