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New Aquatic Film Drowns In Disappointment

Like most people, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea might have been the start of my interest in the depths below. I can’t tell you much about the story now—it’s a film I watched as a young child and I likely didn’t understand much of what happened ...

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There is currently an op-ed in a local paper about a proposed rezoning for schools describing students at Calvin Donaldson Elementary as “sluggards” and claiming that “goats and sheep” don’t mix. It’s important to note that Calvin Donaldson ... Read more


There is likely no better horror writing than the first few chapters of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Jonathan Harker’s imprisonment within the Transylvanian castle is harrowing in a way that isn’t seen in most horror novels. Despite being released in ... Read more


There is an interesting habit in media consumption right now, brought on by the intense fracturing of the media landscape. It’s been happening for years now, likely since the beginning of cable television, but an abundance of choice has caused ... Read more


If someone had asked me when I first started at The Pulse if Chattanooga would ever have a long running film festival, I would have firmly expressed my doubts. The first few years of covering film in the area was nothing short of a desert. But ... Read more


Two of my favorite films this year have been about the failings of generation wealth and the illusion of power. Ready or Not may have had one of the best endings of any film in its genre, delivered in such a satisfying and final way, a way left ... Read more


While most would argue that the most iconic American film genre would be the Western, the gangster film might be a close second. They share many of the same ideas—order vs. chaos, machismo as virtue, violence as the ultimate solution, etc. Our ... Read more


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