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The New Catch-22 Catches Up With Us

I mentioned last week while reviewing a serial killer movie that the U.S. is a decidedly warlike country. This week, of course, we have a variety of conservatives in the political class inching us closer to a war with Iran. It’s inevitable, really.

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America has an obsession with serial killers. In fact, it seems like America has an obsession with death in general. Our entertainment is almost always couched in some sort of threat—action movies, horror movies, comedies, romance, even ... Read more


Political documentaries are very rarely inspiring. Almost always, they are about what’s wrong with our world. Occasionally, they will offer a solution or a call to action, but more generally the films highlight a particular point of view on an ... Read more


For the past few years, I’ve been working on a musical with my sister and her husband. It’s been often rewarding, as I’ve gotten to watch the show come alive through the collaborative process, which has involved active scene and songwriting as ... Read more


By now, a reboot should be no surprise. In fact, some 96 percent of all films released in a year are remakes, reboots, or sequels. There’s a fairly simple reason for this. Movies are expensive to make. They’re a multimillion dollar gamble that ... Read more


Grief is a powerful emotion. The cruelest aspect of our evolution is the knowledge of the difference between life and death. Animals are instinctual—they protect themselves from harm and avoid death whenever possible, but they have no real ... Read more


Captain Marvel has always been one of my favorite superheroes. I’m not referring to Carol Danvers, the superpowered Kree/human hybrid that recently broke box office records for Marvel Studios, much to the chagrin of internet trolls everywhere. Read more


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