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A Cheerful Break-up Horror Movie?

Horror movies are often insights into fears we never knew we had. This is the gift of true horror auteurs. Empty hotels don’t seem too scary until you see twins holding hands. Space aliens are wondrous until they’re stalking you in a dark ...

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When it comes to Spider-Man movies, I’ve always been partial to the ones directed by Sam Raimi. It was a different time back then, in 2002. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly eighteen years since twenty-seven-year-old Tobey Maguire played ... Read more


There’s not a musician alive who hasn’t dreamed of having written a song by someone else. Not only that, every musician has daydreamed about living in another era. Learn one or two songs by Jimi Hendrix and you’ll one day find yourself drifting ... Read more


It’s hard to imagine this nation without immigrants. Impossible, even, given our history. That there are entire groups of people in this country who believe only in a white, Christian America is baffling. That these groups of people appear to ... Read more


I like movies and television a lot. That should come as no surprise, as I’ve been writing about them for The Pulse for nearly ten years. I’m not terribly interested in genre—whenever anyone asks what kind of movies I like, I generally respond by ... Read more


The 1980s offered a lot of fears—strangers, Satan, communism (nothing new), etc. Some of these, like communism, have shifted some. We’re not afraid of communist countries really, but anything that might resemble socialism, like tax increases for ... Read more


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