Bringing A World of Warcraft To The Big Screen



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I have to entirely disagree with the author. The Warcraft Movie was neither too simple or complicated. It certainly was dramatic and drew strong emotional attachment to the characters, especially the orcs. This is coming from a guy who played all of the original games and even WoW briefly. So, while I'm neither a die hard fan nor completely new to the Warcraft universe, my wife and I could both enjoy the movie. My wife played wow briefly and never the original games. She says that it was a good introduction to the world and does a good job explaining the story.

My main complaint would be due to their deep voices, sometimes it was difficult to understand the orcs characters lines easily.

The movie was not meant to be a representation of the World of Warcraft, but rather an explanation of the start of that world. If you approach the movie with the expectation to see WoW as the main subject you are going to be disappointed. The plot of the movie draws almost entirely from the very first game from the 90s which had a very simple, yet appealing storyline. If you want to see more WoW elements you should hope for a four or so more movies.

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