September 27, 2012

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“I don’t think I’ll ever make a film that doesn’t explore spirituality to some degree,” says Summerour, who grew up the son of Methodist minister. “I also must say that my experience growing up in the church was very positive. During the times when I was bullied at school, or felt misunderstood and marginalized, the church was always a safe haven of acceptance and love for me. I wanted this to be true in the film as well. The church is a place of healing and acceptance in the film, without being simplistic.”  

While this comes across in the film very well, my own experiences with being raised a Southern Baptist caused me to roll my eyes a bit. The church scenes are undoubtedly faithful to what happens there, but the empty symbolism remains empty. I would have liked a bit more self awareness when it comes to the absurdity inherent in faith-based comfort.  

We need to encourage more local filmmakers to make films like this one, as we have so many more stories to tell. So head over to the Majestic 12 downtown on Friday, Oct. 12, to see what our people are capable of. You won’t be disappointed.


September 27, 2012

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Week-long run

The film is playing for a week starting Oct. 12. So you don't have just one night to squeeze it in.

Krista more than 1 years ago

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