May 23, 2013

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Europa Report” (On Demand June 27, theatrically August 2): Good science fiction is hard to come by—the audience for it is small. As such, this is the film that is the least likely to make it to our fair city. But it will be released “on demand, “ which gives it a chance to be seen early by science-fiction enthusiasts and potentially build an audience. Manned solar system exploration is a subject that is fascinating and ripe for discussion, especially now as a manned Mars exploration may be becoming more and more feasible. The film blends documentary and thriller, following a manned mission to Europa, sixth moon of Jupiter. This is real science fiction, rooted in reality rather than fantasy, a film that brings an audience into it by encouraging their imaginations through the lens of plausibility. Technology isn’t that far away from the events depicted in the film, and with the right touch, it might enrapture a future scientist.

There are, of course, many more films worth seeing this summer than just these. For a full MES schedule, check out their site at Additionally, there are a few typical Hollywood films, films like “This is the End,” “Elysium,” and “Now You See Me” that may be great popcorn flicks. But you rarely go wrong when you look towards the fringe, and right now Chattanooga has a unique opportunity to see great indie fare.


May 23, 2013

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