June 14, 2012

Do you like this?

My wife and I both agree (which is noteworthy in itself) that Alex Teach’s column consistently debases the pages of your paper. His snide tone, intolerant attitude and sarcastic language are unwelcome and unnecessary. I can’t believe the police department is comfortable having him out there as a spokesperson. This is “community policing?” He is the absolute epitome of an arrogant, condescending, power-tripping cop and inspires people either to fear or loathe policemen. He talks about young people, minorities, the poor and the less fortunate as if they were lesser beings. To use Alex’s favorite word, why would you print this crap?  

John C Reis

Sheila St. Aubin


June 14, 2012

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We like his column

We like his column.
Andrew (& Wendy)

Wendy Dibble-Lohr more than 1 years ago

So Very True Mr. Reis

Thank you for expressing my thoughts so exactly. A lot of print space being wasted on that "Beat".

JB Hypatia more than 1 years ago

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