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Free Will Astrology: Week Of January 17, 2019

Homework: Write yourself a nice long love letter full of praise and appreciation. Send a copy to me if you like:

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Eleanor Roosevelt spoke about the importance of doing something every day that scares us. She was an historical figure who really used her voice…to benefit politics, women’s rights, human dignity, education, literature, personal growth and so ... Read more

Consider This

In honor of our annual Coffee Issue, we decided to research some completely random stats about America's second-favorite beverage. The results—like a good cup of coffee—were a real eye-opener. Read more

The List

“Hey Nineteen”—welcoming in the new year. Read more

Jonesin' Crossword Solution

Homework: I’ve gathered all of the long-term, big-picture horoscopes I wrote for you: Read more

Free Will Astrology

This quote speaks to our intuition, our inner voice, inner wisdom. Learning to trust that intuition—also called a “gut feeling”—does not come naturally to everyone. Yet everyone who learns to listen within knows clearly the feeling of suffering ... Read more

Consider This

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