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Free Will Astrology: Week of July 19, 2018

Homework: Tell a story about the time Spirit reached down and altered your course in one tricky, manic swoop.



Taking responsibility for your actions can be tricky. I mean, who wants to be responsible for their own hardships…relationship difficulties, illness, personal and family problems, etc. You may think you’ve done it, but there are subtleties that ... more

Consider This

Considering this week is our annual automotive issue, we thought we'd check with the good folks at Car and Driver to find out what we Americans most like to drive. Surprisingly, the list isn't all trucks and SUVs. We apparently really like sedans ... more

The List

“A Noble Effort”—dropping those last few. more

Jonesin' Crossword Solution

Homework: Send your secrets for how to increase your capacity for love to: more

Free Will Astrology

And sometimes…we just need to come up for air and have a laugh. A sense of humor is considered one of the healthiest forms of human coping mechanisms. It’s called the “best medicine” for a reason. So let’s get this party started: more

Consider This

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