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Free Will Astrology: Week of November 21, 2019

Homework: Possible definition of happiness: the state that results from cultivating interesting, useful problems. What’s your definition?

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Whether you are a seasoned mediator, a newbie or have yet to try it, finding a peaceful place within is key to good physical and mental health. And it begins very simply…with a breath. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that consciously ... Read more

Consider This

You know that one person who seems to know a little bit about everything? We’re here to help you match-up with the trivia guru with some cool facts. Read more

The List

“Two Can Play”—what’s on the shelf? Read more

Jonesin' Crossword Solution

Homework: “How easy it is to make people happy when you don’t want or need anything from them,” said Gail Godwin. Give an example. Read more

Free Will Astrology

We can probably all agree that at least sometimes, forgiving is the worst…the hardest…the most challenging. We may walk around with the wounds of yesterday for weeks, years, decades! And yet, in forgiveness lies freedom. Without it, a cancerous ... Read more

Consider This

Sure, you learned all about the Pilgrims and Indians in elementary school—and probably made some of those hand turkeys, too—but you've most likely never heard some of these lesser-known facts about the month of November. Read more

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