2014 Pulse Holiday Shopping Guide (Week 4)

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What's Truly Important?

While I always enjoy trying to find or make just the right gift for everyone in the family; something they would really, like, appreciate, or need. I feel that the holiday is meant to be spent together enjoying each others company more than it is about material gifts. We always have a pleasant holiday. This year will be especially nice with my new baby niece. It's still sad that I will be spending the season alone with my family once again. Admittedly my life is a work in progress. I have made some solid steps and conditions are improving finally following all the brutal attacks these many years past from Hamilton County and the State of Tennessee. I am looking forward to the future. My one wish is to have a companion. One trustworthy individual I could depend on. I'm afraid I will not know what to do when inevitably my mother and father are no longer with us hopefully in the far distant future. I need someone to talk to besides my dog.

Robert Modrall more than 5 years ago


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