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Dr. Rick

Consider This with Dr. Rick: December 13, 2018

You can come from a place of masks and fear, or you can come from a place of authenticity and strength. It isn’t always easy to be exactly who you are; indeed, that is an act of courage. And sometimes we need to be protected and vigilant for ...



I often tell folks that we teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. If you don’t begin with an acceptance of who you are, then you won’t honor your wants, needs, desires, thoughts and feelings. You won’t hold dear what I call the ... more

Consider This

When we become clear about our wants and needs, we can then think about them, speak about them, write them down, ponder them and keep them in the front of our mind. This is the moment when the universe hears you loud and clear and becomes your ... more

Consider This

To be unapologetically and compassionately who you are, warts and all, a work in progress, is nothing short of an act of courage, and a journey well worth the hard work. A friend of mine recently sent me this: “I had to hide my true self behind a ... more

Consider This

We can probably all agree that at least sometimes, forgiving is the worst…the hardest…the most challenging. We may walk around with the wounds of yesterday for weeks, years, decades! And yet, in forgiveness lies freedom. Without it, a cancerous ... more

Consider This

It can be so easy to lose our present moment in the busy-ness of the day. Sometimes we fill up before our feet even hit the floor, with a million things on the “to do” list. Work, groceries, school, kids, bills, the house, the yard, the car… more

Consider This

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