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Dr. Rick

Consider This With Dr. Rick: April 18, 2019

When you have a “big experience”, such as a graduation or wedding, a birth, a death or break-up, you can’t help but measure life differently. Life prior to the event, and life after. And if you’ve ever had a near-death experience—perhaps getting ...

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Master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest QiGong, says that every thought, feeling, and action, no matter what it is, has a direct effect on the entire Universe. If you subscribe to this, then when you help the elderly man with his groceries ... Read more

Consider This

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Or so goes the quote from Walter B. Gibson, creator of “The Shadow”. The answer is: We know. Or we can. Knowing thyself is perhaps the greatest journey you will ever embark on. Read more

Consider This

As women’s history month draws to a close, I will leave you with a few more favorite bits of inspiration. Male or female, may you always be inspired by the wisdom of the woman. Read more

Consider This

I was recently having a political discussion with a good friend. She believes our world would be more peaceful, and nations would be better run, more ecologically healthy and provide more basic benefits to their citizens if more women were in charge. Read more

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This month being Women’s History Month, I’ve heard from several of the important women in my life. Their consensus: “EVERY month needs to be women’s history month!” If you’re smart, you don’t argue. The great women throughout history who have ... Read more

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We all have baggage. I’d say it starts accumulating upon leaving the womb. The real question is not so much about how much baggage you have, although when it comes to addictions, let’s be honest: As a friend of mine says, it’s likely more than ... Read more

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