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Dr. Rick

Consider This With Dr. Rick: October 10, 2019

We are such doers. It is said that the busy person gets more done. And we humans certainly like to get things done. We like to feel productive, successful, capable of taking care of our loved ones whether we are the hunters or the gatherers, the ...

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The journey of discovering your truth is a life-long one. It is a process of staying vigilant to your authenticity, of promising yourself that you will shoot for mindfulness every step of the way. Consider this: When you replace, “Why is this ... Read more

Consider This

Whatever your beliefs about the afterlife, or about our purpose here on the blue marble, the fact remains that we are here now. Consider these gems about living a good life, an interesting and purposeful life: Read more

Consider This

I asked a good friend, Chris, for an update about his life-long process of staying clean and sober: “As an active alcoholic, I definitely wasn’t in sync with the rest of the world, including with myself. My mind was like a five-year-old playing ... Read more

Consider This

Ohhh, there’s a lot of gossip here in the South. It’s more than a pastime…it’s an officially condoned sport. Bronze, silver, gold. That said, we’re probably all a little guilty of some verbal headlining from time to time. No harm no foul…maybe ... Read more

Consider This

I came across this lovely, hopeful meditation and want to share it with you. I believe it describes what we get to look forward to by working on ourselves…engaging in the life-long process of developing mindfulness, kindness, and compassion ... Read more

Consider This

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