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Dr. Rick

Consider This With Dr. Rick: June 20, 2019

When a person’s belief is challenged by new or opposing information, it creates a great deal of inner conflict. In order to avoid the confusion, anxiety, and turmoil that come from questioning themselves, they dig their heels in deeper. This state...

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“I always wanted to be somebody. Now I realize I should have been more specific.” — Lily Tomlin. This well-known quote from the brilliant comedienne/actress Ms. Tomlin has a lot of meaning below its humorous surface. To wonder, “Who am I ... Read more

Consider This

In previous months this column drew inspiration from female authors for Women’s History Month, and from black authors during Black History Month. June is the traditional month of LGBTQ Pride, when most participating cities around the world hold ... Read more

Consider This

I’ve had an abundance of conversations with friends lately about having fun, enjoying good times with friends/loved ones, and just being yourself. Perhaps it’s the approach of summer and its possibilities, hopefulness. And as it happens, the ... Read more

Consider This

At the beach recently, a couple of friends and I felt absolutely ridiculous. And loved it. Frolicking in waves that were big enough to knock a person upside down, feet jutting straight up from the water. Laughter with total strangers around the ... Read more

Consider This

When we care so much about the opinions of others, we become filled with anxiety and a sense of dependency. We are dependent on their approval, and anxious that we won’t get it. There are all sorts of reasons this happens; these reasons are ... Read more

Consider This

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