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Dr. Rick

Consider This With Dr. Rick: December 12, 2019

“Yes, the pen is indeed heavy. The hardest part is writing down those first few words. But once they started to flow, my thoughts took shape, and yes, relief began to wash over my aching spirit and quench the fires of rage.”

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Letting go can be a hard task for many people. Sometimes we can best let go incrementally. Sometimes cold turkey. It’s when we’re forcing that round peg into the square hole that we run into trouble. Trouble with our controlling nature. Read more

Consider This

Tis the season for gratitude, right? This is a very powerful time of the year. It’s also a very commercial time of the year, so you’ve got to pick and choose your journey wisely. But if you’re fortunate enough to have somewhere to go for a ... Read more

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Whether you are a seasoned mediator, a newbie or have yet to try it, finding a peaceful place within is key to good physical and mental health. And it begins very simply…with a breath. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that consciously ... Read more

Consider This

We can probably all agree that at least sometimes, forgiving is the worst…the hardest…the most challenging. We may walk around with the wounds of yesterday for weeks, years, decades! And yet, in forgiveness lies freedom. Without it, a cancerous ... Read more

Consider This

Think about a grade school or high school teacher who was a strong, positive influence on you. If you were to run into him or her today, what might you say? Think about when an older sibling or parent (or parental figure) protected you, supported ... Read more

Consider This

We humans love for lots of reasons, and in lots of ways. We throw the word “love” around pretty casually, as in, I love that color. I love pizza. I love that song. In its deepest form, love between humans is a feeling that embraces all of who we ... Read more

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