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Halloween Guide 2018: Ringgold Haunted Depot

Have you been scouring through every scary movie on Netflix and have found that you still want more? Want to carpe the diem and live it up this holiday season? Then head down to Ringgold’s Haunted Depot for a terrifyingly fun time.

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It’s a chilly Thursday night, the sun has just set and most people are getting ready for bed with some herbal tea and comfortable pajamas. Me on the other hand, I’m strapping on my boots, buttoning up my flannel, and getting ready to head to one ... Read more

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Want to have a great time testing your Halloween costume ideas early? Do you have a four-legged family friend that wants to dress-up too? McKamey Animal Shelter hosts their fourth annual Barktober Fest this Saturday, October 20th, and everyone ... Read more

Halloween Guide

Right on the banks of the Ocoee lies a magical place. A place where people of all ages can come enjoy some fall fun. The place I’m referring to is the River Maze. Owned and operated by Joe and Dianne Fetzer, the River Maze offers so many ... Read more

Halloween Guide

It’s completely dark and the only thing to guide you along the trail is a rope and a glowstick. Walking through the woods at night can be a pretty unsettling experience on its own, but when you add a haunted element into that equation, things get ... Read more

Halloween Guide

Did you know that Radiated Tortoises can feel through their hard-outer shell, which is relatable, and that they’ll bump into you, wanting their shell scratched? Did you know the lemurs love to groom each other and that they are a matriarchy? Read more

Halloween Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, if you ask me: a time of meeting new people and learning about who they are and why they’ve just emerged from the darkness into your life, covered in blood. October’s here, and there are plenty of friends ... Read more

Halloween Guide

How would you describe Halloween themed corn? To me, it’s just kind of ear-rie. Alright maybe that joke was a little bit too “corny”, but in all seriousness nothing says Halloween like a good old fashioned corn maze. Blowing Springs Farm has just ... Read more

Halloween Guide

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