October 26, 2011

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What’s Wrong With Public Education

Teachers can only do so much in the classroom. Unless a child is gifted, odds are, they will not get it all in the classroom and must spend time on homework. Parents and students are more obsessed with athletics than academics. They want their child to receive a college scholarship through athletics, but it will be useless if they cannot compete in academics.

Rick Watts

We Don’t Need Another Wamp

While I have no reason to support current Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, who cannot answer a question with an original thought, I am even more annoyed to see another moneyed son of the power elite assume simply because he shares a name with a once-successful politician that that makes it reason enough to run for Congress.  Weston Wamp needs to learn that following in daddy’s footsteps is not what this country needs.  I’m sure his father’s supporters will write a check or two to support young Wamp’s campaign, but the residents of the Third District need a real leader, not some kid with a memorable name who is barely old enough to shave.

Walter Caudlet


In last week’s Arts Feature, “Some Light, Some Dark in Dark of the Moon”, the second lead singer should have been identified as Lisa Gates. The Pulse regrets the error.  

October 26, 2011

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