October 20, 2011

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Chuck Crowder & Public Art

My issue has never been with buying or having public art, even the $32,500 price tag wouldn’t be that outrageous... if the art was good. As an artist myself I like to hear of our city supporting local artists and putting cash in their pockets. Obviously this guy put a lot of work into this piece but I don’t think that necessarily makes it good. I think it’s a bright blue eyesore more suited to being displayed in front of a double-wide trailer. And drawing a comparison to past criticisms of the aquarium is laughable. Are they charging an admission fee to see the bull? Does it feature an ever changing assortment of creatures for visitors to learn about? No, it’s a ridiculous looking blue bull.

D. Johnson

Occupy Chattanooga Needs Adults?

In the article about Occupy Chattanooga, Trish Schild said she hopes “an adult in this community will start an Occupy Chattanooga that is in line with the issues of the rest of the world.” Trish, maybe if you had stayed you would have found out the true “agenda” was to find out what Chattanooga citizens’ concerns really are. The main concerns were such things as repeal voter ID, campaign finance reform, corporations are not persons, and many other issues.

Ann Crisp

Local Protesters In It For Themselves

I’ve been watching the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protests for the past month and read with some amusement that some in Chattanooga were trying to organize a similar protest.  What amuses me is that it appears to be the same people who are always upset at what the local government is doing, and I believe the core reason they are upset is that they are not the ones running the government.  But instead of putting their own names on the ballot for the various local elected officers, they would rather piggyback on a real movement to disguise their true intentions.  Ms. Schild saw through them, as do most of us who have genuine concerns about the rampant abuses of out-of-control capitalism and how it is destroying true democracy.

Tyler Stevenson

October 20, 2011

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