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If you were to ask how to make a relationship between two people work, there’s guaranteed to be many different answers to that age-old question. Relationships are one of the trickiest aspects of human life. Sure, things can be great, but they can ... more


To many people (but certainly not you, the reader of this publication), newspapers may no longer be the primary source of obtaining news in this age of technology. However, there was once a time when newspapers were so crucial to society that ... more


Many people are born knowing exactly what their calling in life is, but for many other people, we have to learn through experience, which is exactly what Todd Olson, current Executive Director of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, did. Olson, who ... more

Cover Story

Being a matchmaker is a vastly underrated profession; setting people up to see if they like one another enough to start a relationship is no easy task, especially in bustling New York at the turn of the 20th century. However, if you want to see a ... more


If you are now or ever have been engaged, then you know how it can sometimes be difficult to juggle a fiancé, plan a wedding, and handle work and other day to day tasks. However, if you’re smart, you only have one fiancé at a time, and that’s ... more


Making sense of the world around us from an outside perspective is a challenging aspect of life that most of us are all too familiar with. Sure, we can attempt to see things from someone else’s point of view, but that can be challenging if that ... more


If you’ve ever had the misfortune (or pleasure, depending on how you look at it) of staying in a hotel, then you likely understand the importance of having a nice view from your room. Staying in a room with an unpleasing view can alter the entire ... more


When it comes to Brazilian waxes in Chattanooga, you would think that you probably wouldn’t be able to get an experience that is truly authentic to the country of Brazil. However, that’s where you’re wrong. more

Business Briefs

To be considered a fairy tale, most of these “tales” require happy endings. However, while there are happy endings, there are also stories behind those happy endings that led those characters to their happily ever afters, and that’s exactly what ... more


Memory is an incredibly curious aspect of human nature, and one of the first pioneers into the theatre art of memory is none other than Tennessee Williams. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to experience the magic of memory on stage, then you ... more


When many people think of British period pieces, the PBS series Downton Abbey may be the first thing to come to mind. However, if you really want to step back into the world of early 20th century Great Britain, with murder, mystery, and dialects ... more


Peter Pan is arguably one of the most beloved stories from our childhood, but if you’ve ever wanted to know what led up to the magic of Peter, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and friends, then you’re in luck. Starting Friday at 8 p.m., the Chattanooga ... more


Looking to bar hop downtown but not crazy about the idea of walking from bar to bar on foot? If so, look no further than Pints and Pedals. Dubbed “Chattanooga’s ultimate party on wheels”, the lightweight aluminum 15-seater bike allows you and ... more

Drink Spotlight

When most people think of cats, they don’t think of them as being particularly trainable. Sure, you can teach them to use the litterbox and to go in and out of the house; some people are even getting adventurous by training cats to walk on a leash. more

The Bowl

Yes, real men drink umbrella drinks (or really confident men do, at least). I don’t know what it is about a frozen alcoholic drink with a tiny umbrella garnish that made people consider these types of drinks “lady drinks,” but I’m here to let you ... more


Big Band is a style of music that is a bit underappreciated and also wildly unheard of in the 21st century. However, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is a group that is bringing big band music back, and they’re adding their own unique twist by ... more

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Life and love aren’t always easy, but they’re always worth it, and those are some of the concepts Rex Knowles’ play, Old Ties, deals with. Set in New York’s Upper West Side, Old Ties is centered on Hank, who, with the help of a few others, is ... more

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If you’ve been downtown recently, then you’ve noticed that bike lanes are popping up, and that’s a good thing because bicycle commuting is becoming quite popular in Chattanooga. If you’re interested in learning more about biking on the street ... more

The Bowl

Jazzanooga’s JAM Fest 2017, which is a celebration in honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, has been paying musical tribute to a variety of artists who influenced the art of jazz. This Friday’s celebration will be no exception as it will honor the ... more

News & Notes

If there’s one drink you can’t go wrong with, it’s the classic American brew, otherwise known as beer. Whether you like ales, stouts, malts, or even cider beers, there are a wide variety of tastes and flavors that can satisfy just about any beer ... more


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