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Everywhere I go in Chattanooga, I seem to run into Jennifer Edge. She’s all over the place. On people’s arms, hands, thighs, backs, on their calves and ribs. Her far-reaching influence on others’ lives leaves an indelible brush stroke on the skin ... more

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Chef Rebecca Barron sits at the helm of Chattanooga’s food world. The esteemed St. John’s Restaurant is undoubtedly a pillar of the culinary happenings of the Scenic City. Ooohs and ahhhs abound when you share the news of dining at the ... more

City Life

Mobile food ventures have been part of the international culinary world for as long as civilizations have existed. Busy Bangkok intersections are the poster child for hustle and bustle with innumerable carts slinging delicious bites, eclectic ... more

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What could possibly drive an individual to choose a career that torturously provides long hours, meager wages, back aching work, and requires a decade of sacrifice before anyone even starts taking you seriously? The delectable aromas wafting from ... more

City Life

With the food scene in the South booming to uncharted heights over the past several years, lots of focus is being paid to the exquisite natural ingredients available in America’s new culinary hotspot. The days of Southern food being implicated ... more

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