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After seeing some exciting news about a fellow Chattanoogan, I decided to take a last-minute 180 and change the topic of today’s story to discuss her good news and how it affects the Scenic City and its budding scène de la gastronomie. Read more

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Sculpture Fields at Montague Park, Chattanooga’s relatively new prodigious artistic endeavor, is now the largest sculpture park in the Southeast. It spans 33 acres with almost 50 sculptures from artists all over the world, while 1.5 miles of ... Read more

Between The Bridges

We all hear it, a mantra that often reeks of elitism and pretension, yet lacks clarity and definition and most importantly, inclusion. What does it mean to “Eat Local” or to “Support Local Farmers”? What is the definition of local? In a tech ... Read more

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Wine. That word is plenty to comprise its own paragraph, article, book, or dissertation. For some people, the concept never exceeds a cardboard box on Friday evening; for others, it’s a life-long endeavor of passionate, intensive research and ... Read more

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A properly prepared pizza pie is much more than just a way to fill the grumbling void in our stomachs. We fool ourselves as we stuff our faces and ignore the finer things, the very fuel that powers our bodies and our minds. Read more

Chow Spotlight

I’m all for a high-end dining experience where chefs push the culinary boundaries of possibility, transforming ingredients into nearly unrecognizable artisanal masterpieces of gastronomy. That’s great…once in a while. For the rest of the time, a ... Read more

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Let’s talk about animals! From the furry, adorable ground-dwelling busybodies to the kingly beasts of the wild, animals are a beloved and essential part of our world. More than just cute and fluffy, they make up the immensely complex ecosystem ... Read more

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Cherry pie was my absolute favorite when I was a kid. There was nothing better than the anticipation of going to Grandma’s and knowing what was waiting for me on the window (after a proper Southern dinner, of course).  She knew it was my favorite ... Read more

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Coffee shops can easily be swallowed up, often a dime a dozen. Here today, gone soon after. What seems like a dream job—the peaceful life of owning a coffee shop—often boils down to a dense brew of really hard work. Typically, a local economy ... Read more

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Education is a prized jewel of modern society. The ability to seek expanded knowledge—to diversify our horizons with new skillsets, trades, methodologies, and philosophies—is perhaps the greatest achievement of humankind. Yet often this ideology ... Read more

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In Chattanooga’s rapidly developing downtown, the only certainty is that something new will appear out of thin air seemingly every time you blink. The good thing, unlike in a lot of cities, is that many of these newcomers are really exciting and ... Read more

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Hospice. It isn’t a word that tends to instill joy or exhilaration. The mere thought of the concept can invoke a forlorn shudder as if a bitterly cold wind swept sharply from nowhere. Uneasy and even terrifying thoughts of our own mortality creep in. Read more

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Some chefs are drawn into the kitchen as a means of putting food onto their own tables. The demand for cooks needed to appease society's insatiable appetite creates innumerable jobs, typically with low wages and long hours. Sometimes, these chefs ... Read more

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They move with focused intent. It’s important when you literally play with fire for a living. Or in this case, molten glass. Each step seems methodically rehearsed, the workspace designed with intrinsic purpose to balance the efficiency of every ... Read more

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Coffee. So much more than just a morning cup, the world-wide phenomenon is a financial powerhouse. According to the National Coffee Association, coffee-related economic activity comprises approximately 1.6 percent of the total U.S. GDP. Read more

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“We wanted a place where time erases. It was always about having a great environment,” says Jake Raulston, the President of Naked River Brewing Company. I have a flight of seven beers sitting next to my sample of Texas-style brisket. I’m trying ... Read more

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The holiday season has officially come to an end. It’s a new year and Santa is long gone, on the beach in Barbados for a month before grinding out toys for next year. Resolutions of fitness and balanced diets are already beginning to fade into ... Read more

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Just like that, New Years eve is upon us. Time for champagne toasts and reflections back on another year. Here’s a roundup of just some of the possible ways you could get the most out of the biggest party of the year! Read more

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State of Confusion. The name alone piques an undeniable interest; it pays homage to the unique former found object findery that once occupied the same lot. It seemed to almost happen overnight, one day a closed down old antique store, and as if ... Read more

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Community. What does that word mean when we break it down and focus on its underlying intent? What could pass for just a word becomes exemplified, a core value inherent in The Moxy, our newest boutique hotel. In Chattanooga’s explosive growth ... Read more

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24-hour segments seem to come and go at blazing speed, often with little distinction between a Tuesday and a Thursday. The hours of our lives flow on and it becomes all too easy to have a moment of clarity and wonder how it’s already autumn again. Read more

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