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State of Confusion. The name alone piques an undeniable interest; it pays homage to the unique former found object findery that once occupied the same lot. It seemed to almost happen overnight, one day a closed down old antique store, and as if ... more

Between The Bridges

Community. What does that word mean when we break it down and focus on its underlying intent? What could pass for just a word becomes exemplified, a core value inherent in The Moxy, our newest boutique hotel. In Chattanooga’s explosive growth ... more

Between The Bridges

24-hour segments seem to come and go at blazing speed, often with little distinction between a Tuesday and a Thursday. The hours of our lives flow on and it becomes all too easy to have a moment of clarity and wonder how it’s already autumn again. more

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It can be blindingly easy to walk past. Another new place, another same ol’ same ol’. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss sings;” the old adage. Another coffee shop, they come and go like morning dew. It’s when we decide to stop and take a ... more

Between The Bridges

Every once in a while, as you’re strolling through your life of knowing everything and everyone and you’re comforted by your pedantic ways, a new individual or ideal or idiosyncrasy comes along and disrupts your understanding of the workings of ... more

Between The Bridges

The new Edwin Hotel knocked me back a bit. It’s breathtaking, more beautiful than many museums that I’ve visited around the world. The lobby acts as just that, a mastery of curation featuring what very well may be the largest public display of ... more

Between The Bridges

NormalPalooza is back for its 16th year of fun and excitement. The annual fall festival has built a foundation as an exciting staple of Chattanooga’s Northside neighborhoods. Normal Park Museum Magnet School hosts the fundraiser with the goal of ... more

Between The Bridges

October is a stellar time for special events of all kinds. Chattanooga gets a bit of reprieve from the extenuating heat of the summer and people begin to make their plans for leaf-changing road trips while they split and stack wood for backyard ... more

Between The Bridges

I never thought I’d see the day, but phone booths are coming back to Chattanooga. Well, at least one is. But it may remind Chattanooga natives more of a Doctor Who TARDIS than the traditional blue-framed falling apart American version. It will ... more

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For so many of us, Chattanooga is synonymous with Home. It’s a place that pulls us back time and time again. An undeniable charm exists in the valley surrounded by luscious mountains and a stunning river. The once dismal industry town is now a ... more

Between The Bridges

Everywhere I go in Chattanooga, I seem to run into Jennifer Edge. She’s all over the place. On people’s arms, hands, thighs, backs, on their calves and ribs. Her far-reaching influence on others’ lives leaves an indelible brush stroke on the skin ... more

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Chef Rebecca Barron sits at the helm of Chattanooga’s food world. The esteemed St. John’s Restaurant is undoubtedly a pillar of the culinary happenings of the Scenic City. Ooohs and ahhhs abound when you share the news of dining at the ... more

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Mobile food ventures have been part of the international culinary world for as long as civilizations have existed. Busy Bangkok intersections are the poster child for hustle and bustle with innumerable carts slinging delicious bites, eclectic ... more

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What could possibly drive an individual to choose a career that torturously provides long hours, meager wages, back aching work, and requires a decade of sacrifice before anyone even starts taking you seriously? The delectable aromas wafting from ... more

Between The Bridges

With the food scene in the South booming to uncharted heights over the past several years, lots of focus is being paid to the exquisite natural ingredients available in America’s new culinary hotspot. The days of Southern food being implicated ... more

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