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Everyone has a different taste in beer. No matter who you are or how much you drink, every adult has that one beer that means something to him or her. The problem for years was that this certain flavor was not ... Read more


One of the classic satires of American literature Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” has received a modern facelift courtesy of the Back Alley theatre company. These visionary playwrights have ... Read more

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The UTC Fine Arts center is treating audiences to a spectacular performance of one of the most acclaimed musical adaptations of a film in a decade. “Ghost The Musical” comes to the stage this weekend at the UTC Fine Arts Center. Read more

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The Little Owl Music and Arts Festival has been providing Chattanoogans with arts, music and great food vendors for the past four years, and this Saturday the whole family can expect the fifth year to be a real “hoot”. Read more

The Bowl

In a New Orleans bar in 1874, amidst a shortage of quality whiskey, bartender M.W. Heron created one of the South’s most unique liqueurs: Southern Comfort. A first generation Irish immigrant, Martin Wilkes Heron ... Read more


In the last year, the people of Chattanooga have been given the gift of a new sound in the city. Sam Killed the Bear, while only a year old, has already earned a spot as one of the hottest local bands in Chattanooga. Read more

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