Alex Teach en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:00:00 GMT Protect And Serve While I am loath to broach the topic after the media circus that has (clearly unintentionally) caused its own media circus regarding the audacity of police to respond aggressively to having shots fired ...

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One Cop’s View of Ferguson, Missouri You can believe you are right. You can believe that your first hearing of a tragic story is absolutely, completely accurate with zero margin for error and just run with it...

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Love Poem to My Batmobile Officer Alex recalls good times with his sweet, sweet Caprice.

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The Power, the Passion...The Stakeout "Whoever went to the trouble of seizing this $200 dollar piece of the name of the Great State of Tennessee will always have my respect, and I hope to this day it was crushed somewhere with dignity.”

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In Pipe Dreams Begins Responsibility On vacation, Officer Alex muses on lightning and refugee kids.

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New Jersey, Old Stupidity "Rather than robbing the store, he told witnesses to, ‘Watch the news later, I’m going to be famous!’ and then lay in wait as officers responded.”

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Force of Will Preparedness? Obligation? Duty? I had no idea, but all traffic had stopped flowing and it was now time to punch this time clock.

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Interaction with the Lost Suspected killer and convicted armed robber or not, I am genuinely upset that he was raised vacant of any moral center. This is something that isn’t easily fixed by a counselor’s hug or arrest.

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BlueTube: Po-Po vs. Video You have every right to film. Just know that all you’re doing is very likely making what may not have been a bad situation worse, with the quite possible intent of profiting from it.

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Reader Questions: Vol. 8 "Not only do I write girls tickets, the prettier they are and the harder they cry, the more of them I write."

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The Solution Appears, Strutting "I was bowled over by the simplicity of the idea and immediately reached for a fragment of paper towel blowing down the street from J.J.’s Bohemia so as to jot down my rush of thoughts.”

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The Modern Stabbing "We couldn’t go around with scary words like ‘stabbing’ in reports, frightening people and giving them a negative perception of crime, could we?”

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Six Hours to Graceland "As it turns out, the churches feel the same way about truly homeless people as you do about a buddy on your couch who just won’t leave after the second or third (or 10th) week.”

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Doing God’s Busy Work "They grew annoyed, so I suggested a field trip, a little jaunt just one block east to the 1700 block of South Hawthorne Street. In other words, the neighborhood they had moved next to.”

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Taking Pride in Your Work "The Cracker Barrel is like the 'Gramma' of chain stores. Who the &@$% robs Gramma?!"

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Roundabout Here To me, it is the essence of simplicity. Unlike a line, it doesn’t point anywhere or lead anywhere or even point at anything; it simply “is”. It’s its own beginning and ending. It makes me happy…

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Focus On “The Crackhead” “The Crackhead.” The name is a stereotype, but then, as a cop…so am I. I get a pass. The word is embedded in American culture and in nearly every case, its very mention conjures up a mental image that we can all relate to.

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It Wasn't Exactly Springtime for Hitler She was desperate to make a point in her attempt to shame me, but like everyone else, I don’t think she was fully aware of just what point she wished to make.

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We're Just Here to Help Which, unexpectedly, caused Mr. Patten to vomit yet again, and that was it for the audience, one poor jailer yelling “JESUS, Teach, what’s WITH you?! Every time, you…Go, man. Just, go.”

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Rapid Decompression Young children were not playing in the road alone or unsupervised: They were holding the hands of an adult, and in many cases the adult appeared to be their father. Kids with fathers?

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