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So you had too good of a time this Labor Day weekend and now the work week has come back with a vengeance?  Need to thrash around a little bit and let loose some angst? This Thursday night Behold the Brave is back at JJ’s Bohemia, and they ... more

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What do you get when combine the vocals of Jack Johnson to the funky sounds of Vampire Weekend? You get Chattanooga’s own: The Afternooners. This coming Wednesday, the 26th, Songbirds South is rocking our local bands with The Afternooner’s EP ... more

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The dog days of summer are over, and there are some signs of cooling weather. But before we start shoveling down pecan pie and guzzling pumpkin spices lattes, we need to take one last summer dip! This Saturday the Nature Nuts program at the ... more

The Bowl

What I find most appealing in modern art are current and original subjects. Something that’s real, tangible and holds greater social significance than a can of soup: that has always rocked my boat…in a good way. This Saturday at Southside .. more

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Brightly colored snakes and ornery looking lizards tend to make our minds spell trouble. Like a cat springing away from a cucumber, there is something universal in our apprehension to these creepy crawly guys. But when I’m around reptiles long ... more

The Bowl

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