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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And the Tennessee Aquarium is kicking it off with a fun, festive and slightly odd event. Come experience “Caroling with the Fishes” this Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Read more

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Alan Shikoh, a classically trained guitarist with a passion and tendency for creating colorful harmonies, will be performing at the Chattanooga Holiday Market this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. Shikoh weaves both traditional and contemporary ... Read more

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One of the longest standing holiday traditions in Chattanooga returns this Friday evening as the Tennessee River sparkles and gleams with dozens of decorated boats during the 35th Annual Lighted Boat Parade and Grand Illumination. Read more

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Mike Holzhower of Southeast Diesel had a dream of beautifying his neighborhood and contributing to 23rd St. His visions have already inspired other local establishments to jump on board with his forward thinking of transforming 23rd St. Read more

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Boxed wine gets a pretty lame rap for being just plain awful, and that is not entirely untrue. There are a lot of terrible boxed wines that will all but make your skin crawl and your teeth fall out when you taste them (figuratively, we hope) ... Read more


The Hunter Museum of American Art is partnering with the Epilepsy Foundation for an educational event to address the meaning of societal standards and how we perceive others based on these qualifications. Read more

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Tragedy is due to strike at Covenant College. But in a good way, theatrically speaking. Come and enjoy the Theater Department’s rendition of one of the most famous tragedies ever told: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Writer Clarie Slavovsky and ... Read more

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Historically accurate representations of the Pinta and Nina, two ships from Christopher Columbus’ fleet when he sailed the ocean blue in 1492, will be docking at Ross’s Landing and will open to the public beginning early Thursday morning. Read more

Between The Bridges

It was at an open mic event for classical and musical theater pieces when it became clear that not only are there a lot of great voices in Chattanooga, but also, an audience eager to see and hear them. Read more

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If you have ever enjoyed a good “a priest, a rabbi and a frog all walk into a bar” joke, then you are sure to enjoy this featured presentation by Orchard Street Productions and association with Playhouse Productions, titled Old Jews Telling Jokes. Read more

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The 4 Bridges Arts Festival will return for its 17th year next April, bringing world-class fine art and craft to Chattanooga’s Southside. The diversity of styles and mediums are sure to bring artists and art buyers from across our region and ... Read more

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As a Chattanooga native and a huge fan of the supernatural, you would think I would know the eerie history of my own city. Turns out, I was wrong. Now, I do know a few local legends like the story of the Reed House, but I had no idea the ... Read more

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This weekend, one of our favorite local music clubs will be celebrating their tenth year of booming business. Chattanooga’s own JJ’s Bohemia has had a wild 10 year ride of incredible shows, music, and guest performers ... Read more

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With only two weeks left until Halloween arrives in Chattanooga, residents are beginning to collect, carve, and decorate their pumpkins in hopes to repel the things that go bump in the night. Read more

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If you’re a cat lover, or are close with someone who is, you definitely need to head over to the Northshore this Sunday at Noon for “The Art’s Meow” at Uptown Art on the corner of Frazier Ave and North Market St. Which, as you can guess by ... Read more

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The end of the world is beginning in Chattanooga! Starting this Friday, Back Alley Productions will present their adaptation of H.G. Wells classic novel The War of the Worlds at the historic Mars Theater in Lafayette. Follow along as a science ... Read more

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When driving up Dayton Boulevard towards Morrison Springs in Red Bank you may notice an odd building off to the side. The structure looks like two smaller homes fused together to form one multi-winged house. This building houses Beauty and the ... Read more

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This Saturday, at 4 p.m., the Chattanooga Convention Center will be hosting a never-before-seen roller battle to remember between, not two, but four undead roller derby teams. It is the last fight of their session and these Chattanooga Roller ... Read more

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The Chattanooga Symphony & Opera are proud to present the Mambo Kings as their first opening performance of Luken Pops Series this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Tivoli Theater. The Mambo Kings are a Latin jazz ensemble made up of five ... Read more

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Follow Tennessee Avenue into Flintstone, Georgia and you’ll eventually see billboards for the Blowing Springs Farm. This annual attraction which is hosted by Rock City is more exciting than your average “Old McDonald Farm.” Here, you’ll find a ... Read more

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